FormID: 0004CE45 Dark00General DarkVampChoice1 2 Once infected with vampirism, you must wait three days and then sleep once more. Then the Dark Gift will truly take hold. Sleep now, and awake anew!
FormID: 000251FD Dark00General VampireVicente 0 I was stricken with vampirism three-hundred years ago, while on an expedition deep into the Ashlands of Vvardenfell.
__私は300年前にヴァンパイアとなった。ちょうど Vvardenfell の Ashlands へ遠征に行っている時だった。
__私は300年前にヴァンパイアリズムに感染した。ちょうど Vvardenfell の Ashlands へ遠征に行っている時だった。
__私は300年前にvampirismに感染した。ちょうど Vvardenfell の Ashlands 奥地へ遠征に行っている時だった。
FormID: 000251FD Dark00General VampireVicente 1 For nearly a hundred years I hunted in secret, until the Dark Brotherhood found me. Now I have a family that accepts and even values my unique gifts.
__Dark Brotherhood が私を見つけるまで、100年近くの間、私は密かに“狩り”を続けていた。だが今や、私には我が暗黒の貢物を受け入れ、評価してくれる家族がいる。
__Dark Brotherhood が私を見つけるまで、100年近くの間、私は密かに“狩り”を続けていた。だが今や、私にはこの一風変わった能力を受け入れ、評価してくれる家族がいる。
__Dark Brotherhood から見いだされるまで、100年近くの間、私は密かに「狩り」を続けていた。だが今や私には、この一風変わった能力を受け入れ、認めてくれる家族がいるのだ。
FormID: 000251FD Dark00General VampireVicente 2 Perhaps in the future, when I feel you have earned the right, I will offer you a chance to become a hunter of the night.
FormID: 000251F5 Dark00General Sanctuary 0 Ours is not the only Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary. There are others, hidden throughout Cyrodiil, each one overseen by a Speaker of the Black Hand.
FormID: 000251F6 Dark00General Sanctuary 0 This Sanctuary has been here since before even I joined the Dark Brotherhood, and that was two-hundred years ago.
FormID: 000251F7 Dark00General Sanctuary 0 Have you ever lived on the streets, struggled to survive? This Sanctuary is my home. Here I have the safety and love I've searched for all my life.
FormID: 000251F8 Dark00General Sanctuary 0 I've heard the Count of Cheydinhal knows about this Sanctuary. But he is offered much gold, as well as other... incentives, to keep his mouth shut.
FormID: 000251F9 Dark00General Sanctuary 0 In truth, I miss the towering elms of my native Valenwood. But I was banished from there, for deeds I don't care to discuss. This is my home now.
FormID: 000251FA Dark00General Sanctuary 0 You know what they say -- home is where you hang your enemy's head.
FormID: 000253D9 Dark00General LucienLachanceTopic 0 Lucien isn't here very often. His duties with the Black Hand keep him very busy, so he trusts me to keep the Sanctuary in order.
FormID: 000253DA Dark00General LucienLachanceTopic 0 When I first joined the family, this Sanctuary was controlled by another Speaker. Lucien took over when she was killed while fulfilling a contract.
FormID: 000253DB Dark00General LucienLachanceTopic 0 I will always think of Lucien Lachance as my savior. When he found me, I was living in a gutter, an inch away from death. I owe him everything.
FormID: 000253DC Dark00General LucienLachanceTopic 0 Ocheeva and I have known Lucien since we were hatchlings. He is the one who trained us in the way of the Shadowscale, and is like a father to us.
FormID: 000253DD Dark00General LucienLachanceTopic 0 Actually, Lucien did not try to recruit me. Not at first. He tried to kill me. My father wanted me dead, and he hired the Dark Brotherhood to do it.
FormID: 000253DD Dark00General LucienLachanceTopic 1 I escaped from Lucien, and paid my father back for his treachery. Lucien came to me again that night with an offer I just couldn't refuse.
FormID: 000253DE Dark00General LucienLachanceTopic 0 I once saw Lucien deal with an insubordinate Brother, someone who had broken the Tenets. It took me a week to get the blood off my boots.
FormID: 000251FB Dark00General Shadowscale 0 In the Argonian homeland of Black Marsh, those born under the sign of the Shadow are taken at birth and presented to the Dark Brotherhood.
__Black Marshが故郷のArgonianの中でも、影座の元に生まれ、Dark Brotherhoodに生まれた時より連れていかれ、差し出される者達だ。
__Argonianの故郷Black Marshでは、影座に生まれた者は誕生と同時に取り上げられて、Dark Brotherhoodに差し出されるのだ。
FormID: 000251FB Dark00General Shadowscale 1 A Shadowscale hatchling is trained in the arts of stealth and assassination, and lives a life in service to the mighty kingdom of Argonia.
FormID: 000251FB Dark00General Shadowscale 2 Any Shadowscale who lives to come of age is accepted into the Dark Brotherhood as a full member of the family. So it was with myself, and Ocheeva.
__どんなShadowscaleも成年に達するまで生き延びたらDark Brotherhoodに正式な家族の一員として迎え入れられる。そんなふうにして、私とOcheevaはここに居るのさ。
FormID: 000251FC Dark00General Shadowscale 0 I see you have been speaking with Teinaava. What he says is true. All our lives we have lived together in the shadows. We are egg mates. Twins.
FormID: 000251FC Dark00General Shadowscale 1 We were taken at birth, and given to the Dark Brotherhood. We returned to Black Marsh as Shadowscales, trained in the arts of stealth and murder.
__私たちは生まれと共に連れてこられ、Dark Brotherhoodに渡されました。私たちはShadowscaleとしてBlack Marshに帰り、殺人と隠密の術を学んでいました。
__私たちは誕生と同時に選り出され、Dark Brotherhoodに渡されました。そして隠密と殺人の術を身につけたShadowscaleとなってBlack Marshに帰りました。
FormID: 000251FC Dark00General Shadowscale 2 Together we served our nation as spies and assassins, as all Shadowscales do. When we came of age we joined the family as one. And here we are.
FormID: 000251E9 Dark00General Sithis 0 Those fools in the Church and their so-called [QUOTE]Nine Divines.[QUOTE] There is no divinity beyond the eternal and terrible rule of our Dread Father, Sithis.
FormID: 000251EA Dark00General Sithis 0 Sithis is the darkness of time immemorial. He is no Daedra, and dwells not in the realm of Oblivion. No, Sithis is something altogether... different.
FormID: 000251EB Dark00General Sithis 0 Sometimes, right before a kill, Sithis speaks to me. He whispers in my ear and fills my heart with the joy of suffering and death!
FormID: 000251EC Dark00General Sithis 0 Who is Sithis, you ask? Some call him the Dread Father. It was his terrible love that gave birth to the Dark Brotherhood, so very long ago.
__Sithisとは何者か、だって?ある人は彼を畏怖の父と呼ぶ。彼の狂おしい愛がDark Brotherhoodを産んだのさ、遠い遠い昔にね。
FormID: 000251ED Dark00General Sithis 0 Long ago, in an age now forgotten, Sithis came to the Night Mother and begat her five sons. So you see, his love gave birth to the Dark Brotherhood.
__遠い昔、今や忘れ去られた時代、SithisはNight Motherの元に現れ、5人の息子をもうけた。つまりそんな風に、彼の愛がDark Brotherhoodを産んだのさ。
__遠い昔、今や忘れ去られた時代、SithisはNight Motherの元に現れ、5人の息子をもうけた。わかるでしょう、彼の愛がDark Brotherhoodを産んだというわけよ。
FormID: 000251EE Dark00General Sithis 0 Truthfully? I've never really understood who or what Sithis really is. As long as I obey the Tenets and fulfill my contracts, I guess he's happy.
FormID: 000251EF Dark00General NightMother 0 To employ the services of the Dark Brotherhood, one must perform a ritual to the Night Mother. Only then will she heed their prayers for murder.
__Dark Brotherhoodで働く者を雇うためには、Night Motherの儀式を行わなくてはならない。そのときにのみ、彼女は殺人を祈る者に耳を傾けるだろう。
FormID: 000251EF Dark00General NightMother 1 It is an ancient rite, this Black Sacrament. All across the Empire, every day, people beseech the Night Mother to take the lives of others.
__それは古えの儀式であり、Black Sacramentと呼ばれる。帝国中で、毎日、他人の命を奪うために人々は嘆願しているのだ。
__それは古えの儀式であり、Black Sacramentと呼ばれる。帝国の至る所で、毎日、人々は誰かの命を奪ってくれるようNight Motherに嘆願しているのだ。
FormID: 000251EF Dark00General NightMother 2 After a person performs the ritual, they are contacted by a Speaker. Gold is exchanged, and the details worked out. So it has always been.
FormID: 000251F0 Dark00General NightMother 0 The Night Mother speaks to only one member of the Dark Brotherhood -- the Listener of the Black Hand. And when Our Lady speaks, death follows.
__Night MotherはDark Brotherhoodのたった1人のメンバーにのみ語る――黒手団のListenerにだ。そして我らが婦人が語るとき、死が伴っている。
__Night MotherはDark Brotherhoodのたった1人のメンバーにのみ語る――Black HandのListenerだ。そして我らが婦人が語る時、その後には死がやってくる。
FormID: 000251F1 Dark00General NightMother 0 I've always wondered who the Night Mother really is. Some say she's an old woman who lives somewhere here in Cyrodiil, but I'm not so sure.
__私はいつもNight Motherが本当は何者なのか、疑問に思っていた。誰かが言うには、彼女はCyrodiilの何処かに住む老女だと言うが、それはどうもな。
FormID: 000251F2 Dark00General NightMother 0 The Night Mother is the Dark Brotherhood's Unholy Matron. She guides our actions, just as the Dread Father Sithis once guided hers.
FormID: 000251F3 Dark00General NightMother 0 Our Lady is surely an ancient and powerful elf. Someday, when I am Listener of the Black Hand, I will look upon her beautiful and unholy form!
__我らが婦人は、古代の強力なエルフに違いないわ。いつか、Black HandのListenerになって、彼女の美しく不浄な姿を拝んでやるわ!
FormID: 000251F4 Dark00General NightMother 0 I don't know who the Night Mother is, but she pays me to kill people. My own mother should have loved me so much.
__私は、Night Motherが何者かは知らないが、彼女は人を殺すため私に金を払っている。私の母もそれくらい愛してくれたらよかったのに。
__私は、Night Motherが何者かは知らないが、彼女は人を殺せば金を払ってくれる。私の母もそれくらい愛してくれたらよかったのに。
FormID: 0008674F Dark00General NightMother 0 As the new Listener of the Black Hand, it is your task to speak with the statue of the Night Mother, and hear the words of our Unholy Matron.
__黒手団の新たなListenerとしての君の仕事は、Night Motherの像と話し、そして我らが不浄なる婦人の言葉を聞くことだ。
__Black Handの新たなListenerとして、Night Motherの像と話し、そして我らが不浄なる婦人の言葉を聞くのがあなたの役目です。
FormID: 0008674F Dark00General NightMother 1 The statue, as you know, is located in the city of Bravil. You may speak with the Night Mother once a week, and then pass that information on to me.
__君の知っているとおり、その像はBravilの都市にある。週に一度、Night Motherと話せば、まもなくその情報は私に伝わる。
__ご存知のように、その像はBravilの街にあります。週に一度、Night Motherと話し、その情報を私に伝えて下さい。
FormID: 0008674F Dark00General NightMother 2 Do that, and you will receive your share of this Sanctuary's weekly earnings.
FormID: 00035593 Dark00General ScarTailTopic 0 When Ocheeva and I trained with the Dark Brotherhood as children, we befriended another initiate, a Shadowscale by the name of Scar-Tail.
__子供の頃Ocheevaと私がDark Brotherhoodの訓練をしていた時、私たちはもう一人の入会者と知り合いました。Scar-Tailという名のShadowscaleです。
__子供の頃、Ocheevaと私がDark Brotherhoodの訓練をしていた時、一人の入会者と知り合いました。Scar-Tailという名のShadowscaleです。
FormID: 00035593 Dark00General ScarTailTopic 1 The three of us were inseperable. When our training was completed, we reluctantly parted ways. But now... Now, the unthinkable has happened!
FormID: 00035593 Dark00General ScarTailTopic 2 Scar-Tail has fled Black Marsh and refuses to fulfill his duties as royal assassin! This is an act of treason! This treachery must be punished!
__Scar-TailはBlack Marshから逃亡し正規のアサシンとして任務を達成することを拒否したのです!これは反逆行為です!
__Scar-TailはBlack Marshから逃亡し、王室直属の暗殺者として義務を果たすことを拒否したのです!これは反逆行為です!この裏切りには罰が下されなければなりません!
FormID: 00035593 Dark00General ScarTailTopic 3 Just as a member of the Dark Brotherhood cannot kill a fellow family member, a Shadowscale is forbidden from slaying another Shadowscale.
__Dark Brotherhoodのメンバーは組織のメンバーである同士を殺すことが出来ないので、ShadowscaleがShadowscaleを始末することは禁じられています。
__Dark Brotherhoodのメンバーが組織のメンバーである同士を殺すことが出来ないのと同じように、ShadowscaleがShadowscaleを始末することは禁じられています。
__Dark Brotherhoodのメンバーが仲間のメンバーを殺すことが出来ないのと同じように、ShadowscaleがShadowscaleを殺すことは禁じられています。
FormID: 00035593 Dark00General ScarTailTopic 4 That is why you must go to Bogwater and eliminate that treacherous snake! Please kill Scar-Tail, so Ocheeva and I can put this matter behind us.
FormID: 00035594 Dark00General ScarTailTopic 0 Scar-Tail is a traitor to Argonia, and a blight upon Tamriel! Kill him, as my brother requests, and we will be forever in your debt.
FormID: 00035595 Dark00General ScarTailTopic 0 Scar-Tail now lies with the worms of Bogwater, thanks to you. I am forever indebted to you, Brother.
FormID: 0003559A Dark00General ScarTailTopic 0 Scar-Tail now lies with the worms of Bogwater, thanks to you. I am forever indebted to you, Sister.
FormID: 0003559B Dark00General ScarTailTopic 0 Scar-Tail was once as a brother to me and Ocheeva. But his act of treason destroyed any vestige of that relationship. His death was well-deserved!
FormID: 00035591 Dark00General MSShadowscaleChoice1B 0 Very well. Speak to me later if you change your mind. I fear the issue will remain unresolved unless you can help.
FormID: 00035592 Dark00General MSShadowscaleChoice1A 0 I find your decision most agreeable! Now, the details. Far south of here, on the southern end of Cyrodiil, lies a swamp called Bogwater.
FormID: 00035592 Dark00General MSShadowscaleChoice1A 1 Hiding in that swamp you will find an Argonian Shadowscale named Scar-Tail. Kill this renegade, and bring me his heart as proof of the deed.
__その沼地に忍び入るとScar-Tailという名のArgonian Shadowscaleがいるはずです。その裏切り者を始末し、奴の心臓を死んだ証拠として持ち帰ってください。
__その沼地にScar-Tailという名のArgonian Shadowscaleが隠れ住んでいるのが見つかるはずです。その裏切り者を始末し、殺した証拠として奴の心臓を持ってきてください。
FormID: 00058335 Dark00General CureforVampirism 0 A cure? Yes... Yes, I believe it's possible. A mage named Raminus Polus has done some research. He's in the Imperial City, at the Arcane University.
__治療だって?_ああ…はいはい、大丈夫だと思うよ。Raminus_Polusっていうメイジが少し研究を行ってるんだ。彼ならImperial_Cityの、Arcane Universityにいるよ。
__治療だって?ああ…うん、それは可能だと思う。Raminus_Polusっていう魔術師がその研究をしていた。彼ならImperial_Cityの、Arcane Universityにいるよ。
FormID: 00048969 Dark00General DarkDoorSpeak 0 What is the color of night?
FormID: 0004B77A Dark00General DarkDoorWelcome 0 Welcome home.
FormID: 0004CE46 Dark00General DarkGiftTopic 0 Ah, you are interested, then? Shall I pass along the terrible power of my Dark Gift? Do you wish to become a vampire?
__ああ、興味をお持ちのようだね?私のDark Giftの恐ろしい力をお譲りしてもよろしいのかな?ヴァンパイアになることを望むのですか?
__ああ、興味をお持ちのようだね?私のDark Giftの恐ろしい力をお譲りしようか?ヴァンパイアになることを望むのかね?
FormID: 0004CE47 Dark00General DarkGiftTopic 0 Sleep, dear friend. Sleep. And awake anew.
FormID: 0004CE48 Dark00General DarkGiftTopic 0 The blessed curse of vampirism now flows through your veins. Be patient. Wait the entire three days, then sleep. Your dreams will guide the way.
FormID: 0004CF46 Dark00General DarkGiftTopic 0 My dear friend, the Dark Gift is yours! You are now a vampire! A creature of the night! We are now kin!
__友よ、Dark Giftはお前のものとなった!お前はヴァンパイアだ!夜の生き物だ!我々は親類となった!
FormID: 0004CF46 Dark00General DarkGiftTopic 1 As a vampire you must feed regularly. The longer you go without blood, the stronger you will become, but there are dramatic adverse effects as well.
FormID: 0004CF46 Dark00General DarkGiftTopic 2 Forgo your feeding, and you will no longer be able to blend into [QUOTE]normal[QUOTE] society. You will be shunned as a monster. And let's not forget sunlight...
FormID: 0004CF46 Dark00General DarkGiftTopic 3 In short, you will become like me. Heh, yes, it's true. I'm quite the social pariah. After a few hundred years the change happened on its own.
FormID: 0004CF46 Dark00General DarkGiftTopic 4 But you need not worry about that now. Maybe in a few centuries, hmm? Just remember, blood is your salvation!

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