FormID: 000286EF Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 Damn it man, two people are dead! Have you nothing better to do than question me about the Nord?
__くそ野郎、二人が死んだんだぞ! Nordの事を聞く以外に他にやることがないのかよ?
FormID: 000286F0 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 He's drinking even more than he was before. Is it because he's afraid, or feeling guilty?
FormID: 000286F1 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 To be honest, I'm not sure if I trust him. He's a hard drinker, but there's something more. Something in his eyes, hard and calculating.
FormID: 000286F2 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 You want me to think Nels is the killer, is that it? Maybe you did it, eh? Maybe you're just trying to turn me against him!
__僕にNelsが殺人犯だと思わせたいのか? まさかあんたの仕業か? もしかして僕を彼と対立させようとしているんだろ!
FormID: 000286F3 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 I just don't know what to think. I had my doubts about Nels, and he is still alive. Could it be true? Could he have killed all of them?
__どう考えていいかもう分からないよ。僕はNelsを疑っていた、彼はまだ生きてるしね。でも本当なのかい? 彼にみんなを殺すことができたのか?
FormID: 000286F4 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 I was right about him! He's been doing it, he's the killer! My friend... you and I have to end this. We must kill Nels before he kills us!
__思ったとおりだ! 奴の仕業だ、奴が殺人犯だよ! 友よ…これに決着をつけるんだ。殺られる前にNelsを殺さないといけない!
FormID: 000286F5 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 He's dead, and one of us killed him. Maybe it was you, eh? Maybe he found the gold, and you murdered him for it!
__彼は死んだよ、僕達の一人がやったんだ。もしかしてあんたじゃないのか? たぶん彼がゴールドを見つけ、それを奪うために殺したんだろ!
__彼は死んだよ、僕達の一人がやったんだ。もしかしてあんたじゃないのか? たぶん彼が金貨を見つけ、それを奪うために殺したんだろ!
FormID: 000286F6 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 Someone killed the man, but who? And for what reason? We may never know.
__誰かが男を殺したんだ、でも誰が? 何の目的の為に? 僕達にはきっと分からないだろうな。
FormID: 00028715 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 I was thinking, maybe Nels found the chest of gold, and one of the others killed him for it! We've got to be careful, my friend, or we could be next!
__僕は考えていた、おそらくNelsはゴールドのチェストを見つけ、そのせいで他の誰かが彼を殺したんだ! 僕達も気を付けないといけない、友よ、そうしなければ次の犠牲は僕達かもしれないぞ!
__僕は考えていた、おそらくNelsは金貨のチェストを見つけ、そのせいで他の誰かが彼を殺したんだ! 僕達も気を付けないといけない、友よ、そうしなければ次の犠牲は僕達かもしれないぞ!
FormID: 00028A04 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 Ah, don't let the name fool you. I had a bit too much mead a few years back, and there was this tavern wench.... Anyway, just call me Nels.
FormID: 00028C35 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 Why don't you and that barbarian climb back under your rock.
FormID: 00028C36 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 Nels is a Nord, and like all Nords he's a lawless barbarian with no respect for authority.
FormID: 00028C37 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 Know what I think? I think that barbarian will do anything to get his hands on the chest of gold. His kind are greedy and vicious, all of them.
__私の考えを聞くんだ。 あの野蛮人はゴールドのチェストを手にいれる為なら何でもやるだろう。奴等の種族は皆欲張りで性質が悪いのさ。
__私の考えを聞くんだ。 あの野蛮人は金貨のチェストを手にいれる為なら何でもやるだろう。奴等の種族は皆欲張りで性質が悪いのさ。
FormID: 00028C37 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 1 Trust me, I know. I was stationed at Fort Frostmoth for a few years, on the isle of Solstheim. Those Nords are a bunch of animal-worshipping savages.
__そうだ、私を信頼してくれ。私はSolstheim島にあるFort Frostmothに数年間駐屯していた。そこに住むNordは獣を崇める野蛮人の集まりなのだ。
FormID: 00028C37 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 2 They're all the same, full of mead and something to prove. We lost a lot of good men up there. A lot of good men.
FormID: 00028C38 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 Someone's been killed, and you know what my real problem is? Trying to decide who did it, you or that worthless Nord.
FormID: 00028C39 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 When people start turning up dead, it's usually a good idea to keep your eyes on any nearby Nords, if you understand what I'm saying.
FormID: 00028C3A Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 Nords are raised to be cold-blooded killers. Don't take your eyes off Nels if you value your life. I'll bet anything he's our murderer.
FormID: 00028CD2 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 Now this is interesting. Two people turn up dead, and you're more concerned with my feelings toward the Nord.
FormID: 00028CD2 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 1 If I didn't know better, I'd say you were trying to turn me against him to cover your own tracks.
FormID: 00028CD3 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 Two people are dead, and the only thing the Nord can do is dive into a bottle of beer. If you ask me it's all an act.
FormID: 00028CD3 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 1 Nels killed those people and pretty soon he'll come for the rest of it. Don't you worry, when I gather more evidence, I'll take that scum down!
FormID: 00028CD4 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 My friend, in talking to you, it's become clear what must be done. I have no doubts in my mind that Nels is the killer. We must take him down!
FormID: 00028CD4 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 1 We've got to kill that cold-loving bastard before he turns on us! You cover me while I strike the killing blow!
__こちらに向かって来る前にあの寒い所が大好きな糞野郎を殺さねばならん! 私が必死の一撃を加える間カバーするんだ!
FormID: 00028CD5 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 That mead-swilling barbarian killed those two people, I'm sure of it! I don't have the proof just yet, but I'm watching him.
__あの飲んだくれの野蛮人は二人を殺害した、それは間違いないのだ! 今はまだ証拠はないが、私は奴を見張り続けている。
FormID: 00028CD5 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 1 Don't you worry, my friend. Nels won't get away with this. Not on my watch.
FormID: 00028CD6 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 I was positive he was the killer until you opened your mouth. Now I'm not so sure.
FormID: 00028CD7 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 My gut instincts tell me Nels is the killer, but still I lack the proof I need to confront him. Maybe you can convince me I'm right.
FormID: 00028CD8 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 Nels is dead. You know what that means? You've just shot to the top of my suspect list. You make one wrong move and I'll break you!
__Nelsが死んだ。それがどういう事か分かるか? お前は我が容疑者リストのトップの座を射止めたのだ。少しでも過ちを犯せば、私が成敗してくれよう!
FormID: 00028CD9 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 Can't say I'm sorry to see there's one less Nord in the world. Still, I don't appreciate someone getting murdered right under my nose.
FormID: 00028CDA Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 The Nord has been murdered. Maybe I'll get lucky and the same thing will happen to you. Unless, of course, you're the one who did it....
FormID: 00028CDB Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 One less Nord in the world is something I'd normally cheer about, but the fact that he was murdered by a fellow guest does put a damper on things.
FormID: 00027993 Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 That's right. It's a Breton name. I'll have you know the Petits are one of High Rock's oldest and most respected noble families.
__そうよ。これはBretonの名前よ。PetitsとはHigh Rockにある最古の最も尊敬を受ける貴族の一つであると教えておくわ。
FormID: 00028232 Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 She's all right, I guess. Not that it's any business of yours.
FormID: 00028233 Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 Well, I don't really know her, but she seems like a very respectable old lady.
FormID: 00028234 Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 Honestly? I don't think she likes me. It's because I'm a Dunmer. I heard her say something to Neville, and it wasn't very nice.
__正直に言うの? 私の事は好きじゃないみたいね。それは私がDummerだからよ。彼女がNeviileに小言を言うのを聞いたの、あまり気分のいいもんじゃなかったわ。
FormID: 00028235 Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 So what are you trying to tell me? That Matilde is the killer? Why are you trying to turn me against her?
__それで私に何を言わせたいの? あのMatildeが人殺し? どうして彼女と敵対させようとするの?
FormID: 00028236 Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 Well, she does seem genuinely upset that someone's been killed. Not that I'm ruling her out as a suspect, mind you.
FormID: 00028237 Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 I don't trust that old hag. She pretends she likes you, and then stabs you in the back. Who knows. Maybe she'll REALLY stab you in the back.
FormID: 00028238 Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 Okay, so I don't like Matilde. What makes you think I like you any better?
FormID: 00028239 Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 Could it be possible? Could an old lady be a murderer? She'd have the stomach for it, of that I'm sure.
__それ本当かしら? あのおばさんが人殺しだなんて? 彼女ならその気になったかも、ええきっとよ。
FormID: 0002823A Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 At first I thought she was just a cranky old crone. Now I'm beginning to think she's a cold-blooded killer.
FormID: 0002823B Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 So you're telling me I should believe you? That Matilde is the killer? Why should I trust you? Get away from me!
__それであんたを信じろって言うの? あのMatildeが人殺し? なんであんたを信じなきゃいけないの? あっちへ行ってよ!
FormID: 0002823C Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 I have no doubt that Matilde is capable of murder. But what about you? You're as much suspect in my eyes as she is.
__Matildeに人が殺せるって事には疑いを持たないわ。でも貴方はどうなの? 私の疑いの目は貴方も彼女と同じに見えるわ。
FormID: 0002823D Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 It's her, you understand me? It's Matilde! She's the killer! She's the one doing this! We've got to kill her first! Do you understand me?
__彼女だわ、分かる? Matildeよ! 彼女が人殺し! 彼女がやったのよ! 先に彼女を殺さなきゃダメ! 言っている意味が分かってる?
FormID: 0002823E Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 I... I never trusted her. But I never wanted to see her dead. Have you no compassion at all?
FormID: 0002823F Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 It's hard to believe she's dead. Why would someone want to murder an old woman?
FormID: 0002826F Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 Good, I'm glad she's dead. I can tell you that because we're friends. Matilde didn't like me just because I'm a Dunmer. She got what she deserved.
FormID: 000286DF Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 The old woman? I'd put her in the same class as you, actually - a peasant.
__おばさんのこと? あんたと同様に見てるよ、つまり - 田舎者ってこと。
FormID: 000286E0 Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 The old woman? She's quite a pest, really. I think she's gotten it into her head that I need mothering, or something. She is sorely mistaken.
__おばさんかい? かなり困った人だよ、全く。私には母親の代わりが必要だと思い込んでるようなんだ。勘違いも程があるよ。
FormID: 000286E1 Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 Apparently the poor old woman thinks she is from a well-to-do family. Truth is, I have servants with more nobility in their blood than her.
FormID: 000286E2 Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 Is there something wrong with you? Someone has been murdered! My feelings about that old crone are hardly important right now!
__何かまずい点でもあるのか? 人が殺されたんだ! 今はあの婆さんの話なんてさほど重要じゃないだろ。
FormID: 000286E3 Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 Something tells me the murder of one of the guests isn't going to stop Matilde from searching for the money. She strikes me as the greedy type.
FormID: 000286E4 Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 Now that someone's been killed, Matilde may be a little frightened for her own safety, but she's still more concerned with finding the hidden gold.
FormID: 000286E4 Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 1 Matilde claims to be from one of High Rock's most distinguished noble families, but I have a feeling their fortune has long been squandered.
__MatildeはHigh Rockの最も有名な貴族の出身だと主張してるけど、その財産は長い間ですっかり浪費されちゃったんじゃないかな。
FormID: 000286E5 Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 What are you doing? Trying to turn me against her? What's the matter, trying to cover your tracks?
__何のつもりだ? 彼女と対立させようとしているのか? どうなんだ、自分の証拠を隠蔽するつもりか?
FormID: 000286E6 Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 She seems frightened, like the rest of us. I bet now she's regretting ever stepping foot in this house, gold or no.
FormID: 000286E7 Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 The more people that drop dead, the more annoying Matilde becomes. She keeps watching over me like some kind of worried grandmother.
FormID: 000286E7 Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 1 If the killer strikes again, maybe they'll do me a favor and take her out next.
FormID: 000286E8 Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 What, are you telling me Matilde is the killer? I don't know what to believe! You just stay away from me!
__何だって、Matildeが殺人犯だって言うのか? 何を信じたらいいんだよ! とにかく僕に近づかないでくれ!
FormID: 000286E9 Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 At first I thought Matilde was just a cloying old hag, but now I realize she could be the killer!
FormID: 000286EA Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 It's her! Don't you see? She's the only one left! The only one left alive! We've got to get her before she can get us! Do you understand?
__彼女だよ! 分からないのか? 彼女が一人だけ残ってる! 一人だけ生き残ってるんだ! 僕達がやられる前に彼女を殺すんだ! 分かってるのかい?
FormID: 000286EB Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 No, I didn't really care for her, you commoner scum, but I never wanted anything like this to happen to her!
FormID: 000286EC Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 The old woman is dead! Murdered! Cut down in this very house! But why? Did she find the gold, and someone wanted it for their own?
__おばさんが死んだんだよ! 殺されたんだ! この家で切り殺されたんだよ! でもどうして? ゴールドを見つけた所を誰かが横取りしようとしたのか?
__おばさんが死んだんだよ! 殺されたんだ! この家で切り殺されたんだよ! でもどうして? 金貨を見つけた所を誰かが横取りしようとしたのか?
FormID: 00028716 Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 Between you and me, I think Matilde found the gold, and one of the others killed her for it! Maybe that means the rest of us are safe.
__ここだけの話だけど、きっとMatildeがゴールドを見つけ、そのせいで他の誰かが彼女を殺したんだよ! たぶんそれって残りの僕等は安全だということじゃないかな。
__ここだけの話だけど、きっとMatildeが金貨を見つけ、そのせいで他の誰かが彼女を殺したんだよ! たぶんそれって残りの僕等は安全だということじゃないかな。
FormID: 00028716 Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 1 If that's the case then the killer got what he was after, and the rest of us needn't worry about our own safety.
FormID: 00028729 Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 I ain't got much to say about the old lady, and even if I did, I wouldn't say it to you.
FormID: 0002872A Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 Kind of stuck-up, that one. Right before you got here I told the funniest joke about an Argonian maid, and she didn't even crack a smile.
FormID: 0002872B Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 Heh, you should have seen the old biddy trying to talk to young Primo Antonius. She may be a noble, but he looked down on her like a scullery maid.
__へへへっ、お前におせっかい婆さんがPrimo Antoniusのこせがれに話しかけてる所を見せたかったよ。身分の高そうな婆さんを、奴は炊事場のメイドのように見下してたんだぜ。
FormID: 0002872C Dark08Whodunit MatildePetitTopic 0 Can't this wait, huh? Someone's been murdered and I've got better things to do than gossip about an old woman.
__今じゃないとダメなのか? 人が殺されたんだぞ、俺には婆さんの噂話よりも大事な事があるんだよ。

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