FormID: 000286F7 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 Why don't you go ask him yourself? Or maybe you're afraid? You should be.
__なんで自分で聞きに行かないんだい? もしかして怖いのか? 図星だろ。
FormID: 000286F8 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 He reminds me of the guards under my father's employ. Strict, no-nonsense, and ready to fight at a moment's notice.
FormID: 000286F9 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 I know he's a retired Imperial Legion officer. Apparently, he's been in campaigns all across the Empire, from Skyrim to Morrowind.
__彼は退役したImperial Legionの将校なのは知ってるよ。どうやらSkyrimからMorrowindへと帝国全土を巡り軍事作戦に従軍していたみたいだね。
FormID: 000286F9 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 1 I also get the sense that he's very eager to find the gold. I can't imagine his life of servitude to the Empire left him with much to retire on.
FormID: 000286FA Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 What are you getting at? Are you suggesting that Neville is the killer? Take your suspicions someplace else, you low-born worm.
__何が狙いなんだ? Nevilleが殺人犯だと言いたいのか? 下衆の勘繰りはどこかよそへ持っていけよ、この下等な蛆虫め。
FormID: 000286FB Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 He seems on edge, doesn't he? I guess you can take the man out of the Legion, but you can never take the Legion out of the man.
__彼は神経質になってるんじゃないかな? あんたはあいつを軍隊から排除できても、あいつの中から軍隊を取り除くことは無理だと思うね。
FormID: 000286FC Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 Neville seems different now that someone has been killed. More alert, more aware. Something tells me he's not going to take all of this lying down.
FormID: 000286FC Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 1 He's a trained soldier, after all. I bet if anyone can figure out what's going on here, it will be him.
FormID: 000286FD Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 Look, I don't know what kind of information you're after, but I won't help you. Just go away.
FormID: 000286FE Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 It seems that with each murder, Neville becomes that much more aware. If I didn't know better, I'd say he's planning on catching the killer himself.
FormID: 000286FF Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 Well, Neville is a trained soldier. He was in the Imperial Legion for twenty years, or so I've heard. He certainly knows how to kill.
__そうだね、Nevilleは訓練を積んだ軍人だ。彼は二十年に渡りImperial Legionにいた、僕はそう聞いてるよ。間違いなく彼は殺しの方法を知ってるね。
FormID: 000286FF Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 1 Still, I don't think he's the murderer. No, quite the contrary. I think he takes the murders personally, feels he should have protected the victims.
FormID: 00028700 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 What are you saying? That Neville is the killer? Why should I trust a low-born dog like you? Get away from me!
__何を言っているんだ? Nevilleが人殺しだって? お前の様な下賤で卑しい奴をななぜ信じられる? 向こうへ行ってくれよ!
__何を言っているんだ? Nevilleが人殺しだって? お前の様な下賤で卑しい奴をなぜ信じられる? 向こうへ行ってくれよ!
FormID: 00028701 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 I... I thought he was hunting the killer. Now I don't know what to think! I don't trust him, or you! Stay away from me!
__ぼ…僕は彼が殺人犯を追っていたと思っていた。でも今は何が何だが分からないんだ! 彼は信じらない、お前も一緒だ! 僕に近づかないでくれ!
FormID: 00028702 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 I was wrong! Don't you see? I thought Neville was trying to catch the killer! But he IS the killer! We need to find a way out of here!
__僕は間違っていた! 分からないのか? 僕はNevilleが殺人犯を捕まえようとしていると考えていた! だが彼こそが殺人鬼なんだ! ここから出る方法を見つけないといけない!
FormID: 00028703 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 He's dead, you peasant! There's nothing more to tell!
__彼は死んだよ、この田舎者め! もう話すことなんかない!
FormID: 00028704 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 Neville was strong, a soldier. If he was murdered, this does not bode well for the rest of us!
FormID: 00028714 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 My friend, I am truly worried! Neville was a strong and capable man, a soldier of twenty years! The rest of us will be easy prey for the killer now!
__なぁ友よ、僕は本当に心配なんだ! Nevilleは強くて有能な男で、二十年来の軍人だった! 残された僕達なんて殺人鬼にとっちゃ絶好のカモだよ!
FormID: 00028791 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 He's an Imperial Legion bulldog. Scum, if you ask me. Kind of like you.
__奴はImperial Legionの番犬だよ。俺に言わせりゃ人間のクズだ。お前と同じだよ。
FormID: 00028792 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 Once an Imperial Legion bulldog, always an Imperial Legion bulldog. I've seen his kind before. He cares about laws and regulations... not people.
__一度Imperial Legionの番犬になれば、永久にそのままだ。以前奴の本質を見たんだ。気に掛けるのは法や規則…人じゃない。
FormID: 00028793 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 I will confide something in you, my friend. I despise Neville and all his Imperial Legion ilk! They are useless, uncaring tools of corruption!
__お前を信頼してぶっちゃけるぜ、相棒。俺はNevilleやImperial Legionの類が心底嫌いなんだ! 奴等は役立たずで思い遣りの欠片もない悪の手先なんだ!
FormID: 00028793 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 1 Three years ago, my village in Skyrim was attacked by bandits. We went to the nearby Imperial Legion outpost, but they refused to help us!
__三年前Skyrimの俺の村が山賊に襲われた。俺達はImperial Legionの陣地のすぐ近くへ逃げたのに、奴等は俺達を助けるのを拒みやがったんだ!
FormID: 00028793 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 2 My dear, sweet daughter Olga was killed that day. She was murdered, and the Legion would do nothing to help her. Neville and his kind are scum.
FormID: 00028794 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 Right now I'm more concerned with the person who's been left for dead in this very house, not with that Legion dog.
FormID: 00028795 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 He's like everyone else in the Imperial Legion. Someone needs help, someone is getting killed, and they're nowhere to be found. Worthless.
__あいつは他のImperial Legionにいる奴等と同じだ。誰かが助けを求めてる、誰かが殺されようとしている、だがそんな時に奴等は何処にもいない。役立たずだよ。
FormID: 00028796 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 I really have to wonder where Neville was when someone was getting slaughtered just a few rooms away.
FormID: 00028796 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 1 Maybe he was busy looking for the chest of gold. Or maybe he was right next to the victim, with his hand on the hilt of a dagger. Think about it.
FormID: 00028797 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 By Ysmir's dragon blood, what's wrong with you? Two people are dead! It's hardly the time to chat about that Legion lackey!
__Ysmirの竜の血よ、何があったのだ? 二人が死んだんだぞ! あの軍隊の小間使いの事でおしゃべりしてる暇なんてないんだよ!
FormID: 00028798 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 Two of us killed, and where was the stalwart Legionnaire? That's what I'd like to know. He spent his life protecting the citizens of Tamriel? Ha!
__二人が殺されたのに、逞しい軍人さんは何処へ行ったんだ? まったく教えてほしいぜ。奴は人生をTamrielの市民を守る事に捧げてきたんだろ? ハッ!
FormID: 00028799 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 With two of us now dead, it seems like the others are looking to Neville for protection. The fools! He'll kill them like he did the others!
__もう二人が死んだせいか、他の奴等はNevilleに保護を求めてるようだな。馬鹿どもが! 奴が手に掛けた者のように殺されるのがオチだ!
FormID: 00028799 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 1 That's right, I think Neville is the murderer. I can't prove it yet, but he'll slip up, just you wait. Whatever you do, don't turn your back on him.
FormID: 0002879A Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 Three guests have been slaughtered, and you want to ask me about that Legion dog? I don't know who I hate more, you or him!
__三人の客がぶっ殺されたのに、お前はあの軍隊の犬の事が聞きたいってのか? てめぇとあいつ、どっちが嫌いかいい勝負だな!
FormID: 0002879B Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 Guests are dropping like flies around here, but not Neville, he's still in one piece. That tells me he's either very lucky, or a cold-blooded killer.
FormID: 0002879C Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 That sniveling Legion dog must die! Do you understand me? He's the murderer! He killed all those people! He must pay for what he's done!
__あの洟垂れの軍の犬は死ななきゃならねぇ! 意味が分かるか? 奴が人殺しなんだ! みんなを殺したんだよ! 奴は自分のしたことの代償を払わなきゃならねぇんだ!
FormID: 0002879D Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 The man is dead, you horse's ass! There's nothing more to tell!
__あいつは死んだんだ、この馬鹿野郎! 話す事なんて何もねぇ!
FormID: 0002879E Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 I may not have liked the man, but I'm particularly troubled by his death. Neville was a capable fighter. Who could have killed him, and so quickly?
FormID: 0002879F Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 You want to know how I really feel about Neville's death? I'm afraid. I may hate the Imperial Legion, but its members are trained warriors.
__Nevilleの死の事で本当の所を聞きたいのか? 俺は恐ろしいんだ。Imperial Legionを嫌っているとはいえ、その面々は訓練を受けた戦士達だ。
FormID: 0002879F Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 1 Neville was probably the most capable fighter among us, yet he was cut down silently, just a few rooms away. I fear one of us is not who they appear.
FormID: 0002879F Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 2 This isn't the work of some greedy house guest. There's an assassin among us, you mark my words. We must watch ourselves at every step.
FormID: 00028C34 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 I'm a Redguard, though I've never actually been to Hammerfell. I was born here in Cyrodiil. My family has been in the Legion for three generations.
FormID: 00027990 Dark08Whodunit Dark08Choice3A 0 All right, that sounds like a fine idea! Oh, I just know you and I are going to find that gold! I have a sense about these things, you know.
__了解よ、いい考えじゃないかしら! ああ、貴方とは知り合ったばかりだけどお金は見つけれそうだわ! 直感って奴かしら。
__了解よ、いい考えじゃないかしら! ああ、貴方と私なら金貨を見つけられそうだわ! 分かるかしら、直感ってやつよ。
FormID: 0002798F Dark08Whodunit Dark08Choice3B 0 Ooh, good idea! Maybe the chest is hidden under the floorboards! All right, I'll head down there and start looking.
__うん、いい考えだわ! 恐らく床下にチェストが隠されているわ! ようし、そこへ降りていって捜しましょう。
__まあ、いい考えね! 恐らく床下にチェストが隠されているわ! ようし、そこへ降りていって捜しましょう。
FormID: 00085865 Dark08Whodunit Dark08Choice5C 0 You know, that's what I like about you. You're such a good listener. Thanks. I feel so much better now.
FormID: 00085865 Dark08Whodunit Dark08Choice5C 1 I think I'll head down to the basement and get something to eat. I think there's some cheese down there.
FormID: 00085864 Dark08Whodunit Dark08Choice5B 0 Oh, I certainly hope so. I still want to find the gold, of course, but is it even worth it? I just want to go home.
__ええ、確かにそうだといいわね。まだまだゴールドを見つけたいのはやまやまだけど、そこまで価値のあるものかしら? もうお家へ帰りたいわ。
__ええ、確かにそうだといいわね。まだまだ金貨を見つけたいのはやまやまだけど、そこまで価値のあるものかしら? もうお家へ帰りたいわ。
FormID: 00085863 Dark08Whodunit Dark08Choice5a 0 Yes. Yes, this whole thing has taken quite a bit out of me. I think I'll go to my room for a bit and get some sleep. Thanks for the talk.
FormID: 00085862 Dark08Whodunit Dark08Choice4C 0 Yes, well, I know how you feel. What words can really do justice to the terrible situation at hand? But we must stick together if we are to survive!
__ああ、そうだな、お前が何を考えてるかわかるぜ。このひどい状況にぴったりの言葉なんてないんだろう? だが生き残りたけりゃ、お互い協力するんだ!
FormID: 00085861 Dark08Whodunit Dark08Choice4B 0 You... You would do that for me? You are truly a good friend. Yes, I... I fear this is beyond even my ability. I'm not as young as I used to be.
__お前は…俺の代わりにやってくれるというのか? 本当にいい友達だよ。そうだ、俺には…これは俺の手には負えないようだ。俺はもう若くないんだ。
FormID: 00085861 Dark08Whodunit Dark08Choice4B 1 I'll take refuge in my room until Nels has been dealt with. Thank you my friend! And good luck!
__Nelsが倒されるまで俺は部屋に避難してるよ。感謝するぜ、我が友よ! 頑張ってくれ!
FormID: 00085860 Dark08Whodunit Dark08Choice4A 0 Yes! Yes! We must kill that foul Nord before he slits our throats! Aaaaaiiiieee!
__そう! そうだ! 俺達の喉笛が掻き切られる前にあの薄汚ねぇノードをぶっ殺すんだ! アアイイィヤーー!
FormID: 0008585F Dark08Whodunit Dark08Choice3C 0 Ummm... Okay, then... I guess I'll trying looking down in the basement. Maybe you could search upstairs or something, hmm?
FormID: 0008585E Dark08Whodunit Dark08Choice2C 0 Not much of a talker are you? All right then, I'll give you your space. It's a shame, I thought we could be friends. But you're just so... strange.
__貴方、口数が少ないのね? じゃあ、もう干渉はしないわ。でも残念ね、いい友達になれると思ったのに。でも貴方はちょっと…変わってるわね。
FormID: 00085A6B Dark08Whodunit Dark08Choice7C 0 No opinion, huh? Maybe I'll just stay close to him for a bit. You know, hover about and see if he notices me. Maybe then we can talk.
__何も意見は無いわけ? それなら少しの間彼の傍にいようかしら。もちろん、彼の周りをうろうろして私を気にかけるか様子を見るのよ。多分それからなら話す事もできるわ。
FormID: 00085A6A Dark08Whodunit Dark08Choice7B 0 Yeah? You think? Okay, I'll just try to calm down. Calm down, Dovesi, calm down... I'll just take it slow. I can do that. Thanks again, dear friend.
__そうなの? 貴方の考えは? わかったわ、まずは落ち着くことから始めるわ。落ち着くのよ、Dovesi、落ち着いて…。慎重にいくのよ。貴方ならできる。何度もゴメンね、親愛なる友よ。
FormID: 00085A69 Dark08Whodunit Dark08Choice7A 0 Oh, you think so? I mean, it is rather forward, but I like it! All right then, I'll wait for him in his room upstairs! Oh, thank you, thank you!
__えっ、本気なの? つまり、もっと積極的に行けってことね、でもいい考えだわ! それじゃあ上の階の彼の部屋で待つことにするわ。ああ、ありがとう。感謝するわ!
FormID: 00085A66 Dark08Whodunit Dark08Choice6C 0 Well, thanks for listening. I know I'm just being a silly little girl, but the heart wants what it wants, as they say.
FormID: 00085A65 Dark08Whodunit Dark08Choice6B 0 But... but I thought you were my friend? How could you say such a horrible thing? Just leave me alone, you monster!
__でも…でも貴方は私の友達でしょ? なんでそんな酷い事が言えるの? 私を一人にしてちょうだい、この悪魔!
FormID: 00085A63 Dark08Whodunit Dark08Choice6A 0 He... he did? Oh my goodness, what should I do? Should I talk to him? Or maybe play hard to get? Or should I, you know? Or would that be too forward?
__彼が…本当? ああ…そんな、一体どうすればいいの? 彼に話しかけるべき? それとも逆に気の無い振りをした方がいいの? やっぱりいくべきかしら? どう? でしゃばり過ぎにならないかしら?

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