FormID: 00066A08 Dark10SanctuaryFIN GREETING 0 You have your orders, Silencer. Ask of me what you will, and then make haste to Hero Hill. Your first dead drop contract awaits.
__お前には指令を下したはずだ、Silencerよ。どうすべきか訊ねたまえ、そしてHero Hillへ急ぐのだ。お前の最初の指令書がそこにあるだろう。
FormID: 0002FDB6 Dark10SanctuaryFIN SilencerTopic 0 The Black Hand is the Dark Brotherhood's ruling council. That hand consists of four Speakers and one Listener. Four fingers and a thumb, as it were.
FormID: 0002FDB6 Dark10SanctuaryFIN SilencerTopic 1 This you already know. What is not commonly known among our family members is that the Black Hand employs a few... additional numbers.
__これはお前の知っている通りだ。組織のメンバーにはあまり知られていないことだが、Black Handは何人かの…追加のメンバーを雇っている。
FormID: 0002FDB6 Dark10SanctuaryFIN SilencerTopic 2 As every hand has fingers, does not every finger have a nail? A claw? A talon? Every finger of the hand, every Speaker, has such a nail.
FormID: 0002FDB6 Dark10SanctuaryFIN SilencerTopic 3 These are the Silencers. Each Speaker employs his or her own private assassin, to extend their reach and strike forth as necessary.
FormID: 0002FDB6 Dark10SanctuaryFIN SilencerTopic 4 My previous Silencer perished while fulfilling a contract. That emptiness has now been filled by you. It is an honor without equal.
FormID: 00066A09 Dark10SanctuaryFIN DeadDropTopic 0 The dead drop is a secret location where I will leave your orders, any rewards you may have earned, and the location of the next dead drop.
FormID: 00066A09 Dark10SanctuaryFIN DeadDropTopic 1 Remember, secrecy is our greatest ally. We of the Black Hand avoid direct communication whenever possible.
__覚えておけ、秘密を維持することが我々の最大の武器なのだ。我らBlack Handは出来る限り直接連絡を取ることを避けねばならない。
FormID: 00066A09 Dark10SanctuaryFIN DeadDropTopic 2 The dead drops will allow me to deliver your contracts, and contact you if need be. They are secure, known only to the members of the Black Hand.
__指令書によりお前に契約を届け、必要ならお前に接触する。指令書は厳重に管理され、Black Handのメンバーだけが知っている。

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