FormID: 0006E2DE FGD00PostQuest duties 0 I've got my orders for now. Check back in a month or so, and we can talk about what to do next.
FormID: 0006E2E3 FGD00PostQuest duties 0 Well, you're in charge. You won't be doing the contracts, but the Master is always paid a percentage of the Guild's monthly take.
FormID: 0006E2E3 FGD00PostQuest duties 1 Check with me monthly to give orders for the month. I'll make it happen. If I don't hear from you, I'll follow the previous month's orders.
FormID: 0006E2E3 FGD00PostQuest duties 2 You can find your monthly stipend in the Master's Chest upstairs, along with anything we find that you might find useful. Here's the key.
FormID: 0006E2E3 FGD00PostQuest duties 3 So, what are your first orders, Guildmaster?
FormID: 0006E2E6 FGD00PostQuest duties 0 You're the boss. What orders do you have?
FormID: 0006E2DB FGD00PostQuest FGDPost3 0 That's fine. We'll still get some solid revenue, and pick up some new recruits along the way. Not a bad strategy.
FormID: 0006E2DB FGD00PostQuest FGDPost3 1 More revenue means more gold in all our pockets. More men means that we're likely to have more spare equipment around here.
FormID: 0006E2EB FGD00PostQuest FGDPost3 0 I'll get on it. We'll focus on both this month.
FormID: 0006E2DC FGD00PostQuest FGDPost2 0 Works for me. More contracts keep the men busy and out of trouble. It also helps bring in more gold, which benefits us all.
FormID: 0006E2DC FGD00PostQuest FGDPost2 1 When more men are out there completing contracts, we all make more money. Including you. I'll get on it.
FormID: 0006E2E5 FGD00PostQuest FGDPost2 0 No problem. I'll see to it.
FormID: 0006E2DD FGD00PostQuest FGDPost1 0 Not a bad idea. We can use more men in the ranks. It has its advantages. It gives the guild a greater presence. Makes people notice.
FormID: 0006E2DD FGD00PostQuest FGDPost1 1 Plus, members often find items in their travels they can't use, and they leave them here for other members to use. Sometimes there's nice stuff.
FormID: 0006E2E4 FGD00PostQuest FGDPost1 0 Will do. I'll get right to it.

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