FormID: 00033759 FGD08Infiltration GOODBYE 0 We've got to stop them.
FormID: 00033767 FGD08Infiltration GOODBYE 0 I'll wait here.
FormID: 00033780 FGD08Infiltration GOODBYE 0 Keep moving.
FormID: 0003379C FGD08Infiltration GOODBYE 0 Good luck.
FormID: 000B121A FGD08Infiltration HELLO 0 New blood. What is it?
FormID: 000B121B FGD08Infiltration HELLO 0 Hmmm. Another comes to us. What is it?
FormID: 00071DC2 FGD08Infiltration HELLO 0 You finish the clean-up, new blood. Look in the houses. Get moving, so we can go home.
FormID: 000A564B FGD08Infiltration HELLO 0 We've got work to do.
FormID: 000A5655 FGD08Infiltration HELLO 0 This can't be happening. This is horrible.
FormID: 00033754 FGD08Infiltration HELLO 0 Well?
FormID: 00033772 FGD08Infiltration HELLO 0 How'd it go?
FormID: 00033783 FGD08Infiltration HELLO 0 Don't talk to me.
FormID: 00033787 FGD08Infiltration HELLO 0 Go on.
FormID: 00033796 FGD08Infiltration HELLO 0 You can do this.
FormID: 000A5644 FGD08Infiltration GREETING 0 Heard you went over to the other side. Get out of my face.
FormID: 0009816C FGD08Infiltration GREETING 0 Drink. It is time to go.
FormID: 000A5645 FGD08Infiltration GREETING 0 There are more around. Look in the houses.
FormID: 000A5646 FGD08Infiltration GREETING 0 Let's go, rookie. Drink up and we'll head out.
FormID: 000A5647 FGD08Infiltration GREETING 0 I can still smell the things. Look in the houses.
FormID: 000A5648 FGD08Infiltration GREETING 0 Come on. Drink up.
FormID: 000A5649 FGD08Infiltration GREETING 0 There are still goblins around. Can't you smell them? They're still here! Check the houses!
__まだ goblin どもがいるぞ。気配を感じないのか? 奴等はまだここにいる! 家を調べろ!
FormID: 000A564C FGD08Infiltration GREETING 0 Drink. Drink! We need to go.
__飲め、飲むんだ! 行かなきゃならんのだぞ。
FormID: 00098169 FGD08Infiltration GREETING 0 No time to talk. Attack!
FormID: 0003569F FGD08Infiltration GREETING 0 You'll need to be careful on this mission. Sometimes new recruits have complications. They are not used to our methods.
FormID: 0003569F FGD08Infiltration GREETING 1 Take this. It will increase your skills in battle. We use it often. It is a good, good thing.
FormID: 0009816F FGD08Infiltration GREETING 0 Move to the training area, downstairs. We will speak more there.
FormID: 00002E43 FGD08Infiltration GREETING 0 What is it you want? Come for a job?
__何が欲しいんだ? 仕事か?
FormID: 000A3451 FGD08Infiltration GREETING 0 There's nothing more to say. They're all gone.
FormID: 000A3452 FGD08Infiltration GREETING 0 My poor Biene. Poor, sweet Biene. What monsters would do this? How can this have happened?
__可哀相なBiene 。哀れな、かわいいBieneよ。やったのは、どんなモンスターなんだ? こんな事がどうして起こり得たんだ?
__可哀相なBiene 。哀れな、かわいいBieneよ。やったのは、どんな怪物なんだ? どうしてこんなことになったんだ?
FormID: 000356A5 FGD08Infiltration GREETING 0 Well, what did you find at Water's Edge?
__それで、 Water's Edge で何が分かったんだ?
__それで、Water's Edgeで何か分かったか?
FormID: 000356AB FGD08Infiltration GREETING 0 I want you to get back to Water's Edge. Make sure the Blackwood Company hasn't forced those residents out.
__Water's Edge へ戻ってほしい。Blackwood Company がそこの住民を無理に追い出さなかったか確認してくるんだ。
FormID: 000356AD FGD08Infiltration GREETING 0 Good. You're finally awake. I was beginning to get a bit concerned about you.
FormID: 000356B0 FGD08Infiltration GREETING 0 I don't want to talk to you, traitor.
FormID: 000356C6 FGD08Infiltration GREETING 0 I need you to get down to Leyawiin and infiltrate the Blackwood Company.
__Leyawiin へ行き、 Blackwood Company に潜入してもらいたい。
__Leyawiinに赴き、 Blackwood Companyに潜入してもらいたい。
FormID: 00074A92 FGD08Infiltration GREETING 0 Since you managed to make a mess of the interrogation, we've got extra work to do if we're going to stop the Blackwood Company.
__お前が尋問を台無しにしちまったから、Blackwood Companyを止めんのに余計な仕事が増えちまったじゃねえか。
FormID: 000356FB FGD08Infiltration GREETING 0 We've got some work to do if we're going to stop the Blackwood Company.
__Blackwood Company を止めるには、まだやるべき仕事ができたな。
__Blackwood Companyを止めようと言うなら、やらなきゃならん仕事が出来るな。
FormID: 00074A93 FGD08Infiltration duties 0 We obviously didn't get enough information from the Argonian. I want you to infiltrate them. See how they work from the inside.
__はっきりいって Argonian からは十分な情報を得られなかった。お前には奴等の所へ潜伏してほしい。内部から奴等がどう動いているのか見てくるんだ。
FormID: 000356EA FGD08Infiltration duties 0 While the information we got from the Argonian was valuable, we need more. I want you to infiltrate them. See how they work from the inside.
__Argonian から得た情報は価値のあるものだったが、まだまだ足りねぇ。お前には奴等の所へ潜伏してほしい。内部から奴等がどう動いているのか見てくるんだ。
FormID: 000356FE FGD08Infiltration WatersEdgeTOPIC 0 No. The entire town... I realize you must be disgusted with yourself. I'm sorry for that. It was the Hist Sap, though, not you.
__まさか。町全体が…。さぞ自分自身に愛想が尽きたことだろうな。お前には悪いことをした。あれは Hist Sap がやったんだ、お前じゃあない。
__まさか。集落全体が…お前は自己嫌悪に陥っているようだ。心中察するよ。だが、やったのはHist Sapだ、お前じゃない。
FormID: 000356FE FGD08Infiltration WatersEdgeTOPIC 1 We now know the threat this group poses. Perhaps better than they themselves know it. We must take decisive action now.
FormID: 000356FF FGD08Infiltration WatersEdgeTOPIC 0 I'm worried about those people. The Blackwood Company can't be trusted with their lives and homes. Get there and look into it.
__そこの住民が心配だ。 Blackwood Company の手に掛かれば彼等の命や住まいの保障はできるはずもねぇ。現場へ戻り、調査を行うんだ。
__そこの住民が心配だ。Blackwood Companyが、彼らの生命や住まいを保証するはずが無い。今すぐ、様子を見て来るんだ。
FormID: 000356F5 FGD08Infiltration FGD08Choice4 0 Don't be stupid. We have returned with the Hist itself. One beautiful Hist, who gives her gifts to all the Company.
__ふざけるなよ。俺達は Hist そのものを持ち帰ったんだ。 Company 全体に恩恵を与えてくれる、一本の立派な Histをな。
FormID: 000356F5 FGD08Infiltration FGD08Choice4 1 The clever mages made it possible. Magic and iron. But this is not the time to talk. You drink your gift and go with your new brothers.
FormID: 000356F4 FGD08Infiltration FGD08Choice3 0 This? Why, it is a gift from the swamps of Argonia. Sap of the Hist. A present from my homeland. The Hist are generous to us. So generous.
__これか? もちろん、 Argonia の 沼地からの贈り物だよ。 Hist の樹液だ。俺の故郷からのプレゼントさ。 Hist は我々を包み込んでくれる。とても寛大な存在だ。
FormID: 000356EF FGD08Infiltration FGD08Choice1 0 No jobs? Ha! There is much work to be done here in Cyrodiil! The Blackwood Company is more than willing to do it.
__仕事がない? この_Cyrodiil_にはやる事が沢山あるぜ!_Blackwood_Company_にとっちゃ仕事が一番だよ。
__仕事がない?このCyrodiilには、やるべき仕事が山ほどあるぜ!Blackwood Companyが、喜んでそれをやらせて貰う。
FormID: 000356EF FGD08Infiltration FGD08Choice1 1 You don't look strong enough to me, though. A bit inexperienced, perhaps. Still, maybe we will find work for you. You may join. For now.
FormID: 000356EF FGD08Infiltration FGD08Choice1 2 Since you seem eager to get started, follow me to the training area. We've got a mission you might want a piece of.
FormID: 000356EE FGD08Infiltration jointheBlackwoodCompany 0 You want to join us? Hmm... another guild rat leaving the ship. Very well. Speak with Jeetum-Ze. He handles recruitment here.
__入会したいのか? フム…別のギルドを脱会したネズミか。いいだろう。 Jeetum-Ze に話をしな。奴がここで新入りの採用を仕切っているんだ。
FormID: 000A5652 FGD08Infiltration jointheBlackwoodCompany 0 You wish to join the Blackwood Company, do you? Hmm...I think I've heard of you, though.
__Blackwood Company に入会希望か? フム…だがお前のことは聞いてるぜ。
__Blackwood Companyに入会希望か?フム…見覚えのある名前だが。
FormID: 000A5652 FGD08Infiltration jointheBlackwoodCompany 1 Fighters Guild, aren't you? Done many jobs for them recently. Yes. What makes you want to join us?
__戦士ギルドだろ? 最近奴等の仕事を沢山やったぜ。それで、何が目的で俺達の所へ入会したいんだい?
FormID: 000356FC FGD08Infiltration HistSapTopic 0 Amazing. And insane. I'll look into it further.
FormID: 000A3453 FGD08Infiltration HistSapTopic 0 They're using Hist Sap? And they claim to have brought a tree into Cyrodiil? Amazing. I can't imagine what the sap might do to non-Argonians.
__奴等が Hist Sap を使ってるって? それで Cyrodiil に木を持って来たと主張しているのか? 驚いたな。sap が Argonian 以外にどう作用するのか想像できねぇよ。
__連中がHist Sapを使ってるって?しかも、Cyrodiilにその木を持ち込んだと連中が言ったのか?驚いたな。その樹液が、Argonian以外にどう作用するのか想像できん。
FormID: 000A3453 FGD08Infiltration HistSapTopic 1 I'm a bit surprised it affected you the way it did, given your heritage. Perhaps something's tainted it. I'm concerned about Water's Edge.
__生れつき耐性を持ったお前が、そいつのせいであんな状態になるなんてちょっと驚きだな。おそらく何かに汚染されているんだろう。 Water's Edge が心配だ。
FormID: 000A3453 FGD08Infiltration HistSapTopic 2 I want you to go back there. Make sure the Company hasn't ousted the residents. Lay low. I don't want them finding you there.
__お前にはそこへ戻ってもらいたい。 Company が住民を追い出してないか確認するんだ。身を潜めて行けよ。奴等に見つかっちゃ元も子もないからな。
FormID: 000356FD FGD08Infiltration HistSapTopic 0 They're using Hist Sap? And they claim to have brought a tree into Cyrodiil? Amazing. I can't imagine what the sap might do to non-Argonians.
__奴等が Hist Sap を使ってるって? それで Cyrodiil に木を持って来たと主張しているのか? 驚いたな。sap が Argonian 以外にどう作用するのか想像できねぇよ。
__連中がHist Sapを使ってるって?しかも、Cyrodiilに木を持ち込んだと連中が言ったのか?驚いたな。その樹液が、Argonian以外にどう作用するのか想像できん。
FormID: 000356FD FGD08Infiltration HistSapTopic 1 I'm not surprised you were found the way you were. I imagine those men have built up a tolerance to the stuff.
FormID: 000356FD FGD08Infiltration HistSapTopic 2 I'm concerned about Water's Edge. I want you to go back there. Make sure the Company hasn't ousted the residents. Lay low.
__Water's Edge が心配だ。お前にはそこに戻ってもらいたい。 Company が住民を追い出してないか確認するんだ。身を潜めて行けよ。
__Water's Edgeが心配だ。もう一度そこに行ってもらいたい。Companyが住人に危害を加えていないか確認するんだ。用心しろよ。
FormID: 000356F1 FGD08Infiltration mission 0 We have been contracted by the town of Water's Edge to rid their town of goblins. They've been raiding for days, and appear to be in large numbers.
__俺達は goblin どもを町から駆逐する契約を Water's Edge の町から受けたんだ。奴等は何日も渡り襲撃を続け、大軍で押し寄せているようなんだ。
__Water's Edgeという集落から、ゴブリン駆除の依頼があった。数日にわたって襲撃され、数も多いようだ。
FormID: 000356F1 FGD08Infiltration mission 1 The four of you here will go. I believe it should suffice, given our record of success. Take this. It will help you in battle.
FormID: 000356F2 FGD08Infiltration mission 0 A simple mission, nothing more. You should be fine. Please, head downstairs, and I'll brief you further.
FormID: 000356EB FGD08Infiltration infiltrate 0 I want you to get to Leyawiin and join the Blackwood Company. Find the secret of their success.
__お前には Leyawiin へ行って、 Blackwood Company に入会してもらいてぇんだ。奴等の成功の秘密を探ってこい。
FormID: 000356EB FGD08Infiltration infiltrate 1 You'll be on your own. Steer clear of me and all of your Fighters Guild brothers. It'll be rough going, but you can do it.
FormID: 0009819F FGD08Infiltration FGD08JeetumSpeech 0 The three of you should be prepared by now, but as you see we have a new recruit with us as well. I'll need a word with you, recruit.
FormID: 000981A0 FGD08Infiltration FGD08JeetumSpeech 0 Apparently, they've been giving the locals some trouble. Shouldn't be a problem for you four, though.
FormID: 000981A1 FGD08Infiltration FGD08JeetumSpeech 0 The four of you have a mission. The settlement of Water's Edge has contracted us to take care of some goblins in the area.
__お前達4人に任務だ。 Water's Edge の集落と我々でその地区にいる goblin どもを始末する契約をしたのだ。
__お前たちに任務を与える。Water's Edgeという集落から、近隣のゴブリンを駆除して欲しいとの依頼があった。
FormID: 000A345D FGD08Infiltration FGD08Choice6 0 I wish I knew. They're all dead. All of them. Even my poor, sweet Biene. You... you're the one who helped her, aren't you?
FormID: 000A345D FGD08Infiltration FGD08Choice6 1 You helped her pay my debt. I heard about you. She never hurt anyone! Who could have done this? What monster would do this?
__娘が私の借金を返すのを手伝ってくれたんだろ。あんたの話は聞いていたよ。娘は決して誰も傷つけはしない。誰にこんな事が出来るんだ? どんなモンスターがやったというのだ?
FormID: 000A345D FGD08Infiltration FGD08Choice6 2 It wasn't the goblins. It had to have been bandits. But, why? We have nothing! Please go. I must bury our dead.
__これは goblin どもの仕業じゃない。奴等はただの盗人だ。だが、なぜだ? 私達は何も持ってないのに。帰ってくれないか。死体を埋葬しなくてはならないんだ。
FormID: 000A3456 FGD08Infiltration FGD08Choice5 0 That's what I was getting ready to ask you. You were found unconscious on the streets in Leyawiin.
__聞きたいのはこっちの方だ。お前は Leyawiin の通りで気を失っていたのを発見されたんだ。
FormID: 000A3456 FGD08Infiltration FGD08Choice5 1 Some of your Guild brothers found you and brought you to me. Good to see some of them think like we do. Now, what happened out there?
FormID: 000A5654 FGD08Infiltration FGD08BWCTalk 0 Get moving! Kill the goblins! All of them!

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