FormID: 00033764 FGD09Hist GOODBYE 0 Yes, Master. Whatever you say.
FormID: 0003377D FGD09Hist GOODBYE 0 Tell her right away.
FormID: 00033797 FGD09Hist GOODBYE 0 Finish it.
FormID: 00033756 FGD09Hist HELLO 0 Yes?
FormID: 00033765 FGD09Hist HELLO 0 At your service, Master.
FormID: 0003377C FGD09Hist HELLO 0 So? What happened?
__それで? どうなったんだ?
FormID: 00033789 FGD09Hist HELLO 0 Well?
FormID: 0003378D FGD09Hist HELLO 0 One last time.
FormID: 0003379E FGD09Hist HELLO 0 You've done well.
FormID: 000356A2 FGD09Hist GREETING 0 What is it you want? You were told to stay out of my sight. I'll assume you're here to tender a resignation.
__何か用ですか? 私の目の届く範囲に近寄らないように言われたはずよ。退会を申し出にここに来たと考えていいのかしら。
FormID: 000356A7 FGD09Hist GREETING 0 Did you speak with Vilena? How did she react?
__Vilena と話はしたのか? どんな顔をしたんだ?
FormID: 000356AA FGD09Hist GREETING 0 Have you done it? Have you destroyed that foul tree?
__終ったのか? あの汚れた木を破壊できたのか?
FormID: 000356AE FGD09Hist GREETING 0 You've started the job; now you must finish it. You need to get back to Leyawiin. How can I help?
__手を付けたからには最後まで終わらせろ。 Leyawiin に戻るんだ。力は貸すぜ?
FormID: 000356B1 FGD09Hist GREETING 0 I need you in Leyawiin to take care of that Hist. What is it you need?
FormID: 000356B7 FGD09Hist GREETING 0 It is time for decisive action. I have one more duty for you to perform.
FormID: 00071E76 FGD09Hist GREETING 0 You! You've ruined everything! Why? WHY? I had a job! I had a home! You've taken it all! I'll kill you for this!
__貴様ぁ〜!全てを台無しにしやがって! なぜだ? なぜなんだ? 俺には仕事があった! 家庭もあった! お前が全てを奪っていったんだ! お返しにお前を殺してやる!
__きさま〜!全てを台無しにしやがって! なぜだ? なぜなんだ? 俺には仕事があった! 家庭もあった! お前に全て奪われた! お返しにお前を殺してやる!
FormID: 000356C5 FGD09Hist BlackwoodCompany 0 You've done what? I... I had no idea it had gotten so bad. How is it you accomplished all of this?
FormID: 000356C4 FGD09Hist duties 0 Your first duty should be to name your second-in-command. I can think of no one better for this job than Modryn Oreyn.
__貴方の最初の仕事は副指令を任命することよ。この役目に Modryn Oreyn より適役は誰もいないでしょう。
__あなたの最初の職務は、副代表を指名することよ。Modryn Oreynより適任な者はいないでしょう。
FormID: 000356C4 FGD09Hist duties 1 Should he accept the position, you would be well-served. Rely on his wisdom and experience more than I did, my friend. Good luck.
FormID: 00035707 FGD09Hist duties 0 It is clear to me what must be done. The Hist tree must be destroyed.
__何を成すべきか明らかだ。 Hist tree はぶっ潰すしかねぇんだ。
FormID: 00035712 FGD09Hist FGD09Choice3 0 Me? Pah! I was just getting used to being retired. You can see how good my painting is getting. I'm an old man. I've done my time.
__俺が? はっ! ちょうど隠遁生活に慣れて来た所なんだぜ。俺の絵が上達していく様がわかるだろう。俺は年寄りだ。俺はもう終ったんだ。
FormID: 00035712 FGD09Hist FGD09Choice3 1 Then again... someone has to keep you in line. Make sure you don't bring the Guild down around our ears.
FormID: 00035712 FGD09Hist FGD09Choice3 2 I'll do it... Guildmaster. Just come to me when you want to assign duties to the Guild. I'll make sure they get done.
FormID: 00035710 FGD09Hist FGD09Choice2 0 You would violate a direct order? I should expel you now! But... this does not all fall on your shoulders. Much of the fault is mine.
__自ら規則を破ったというのですか? 貴方を今すぐ追放しなくてはなりません! しかし…これが全て貴方の責任というわけではありません。ほとんどの責任は私にあります。
FormID: 00035710 FGD09Hist FGD09Choice2 1 I love this Guild, and all its members, perhaps to a fault. My concern for them has made me blind to what's been happening around me.
FormID: 00035710 FGD09Hist FGD09Choice2 2 Now, we must speak about what you've done, and how it will affect any further advancement in the Guild.
FormID: 0003570E FGD09Hist FGD09Choice1 0 With Oreyn? He was dismissed! I should expel you now! But... no. It isn't Oreyn who is to blame. I fear it is I.
__Oreynとですか? 彼は追放されたのよ! 貴方を今すぐ追放しなくてはなりません! だけど…いいえ。責めを負うのは Oreyn ではないわ。責めを負うのは私の方でしょう。
FormID: 0003570E FGD09Hist FGD09Choice1 1 I love the Fighters Guild, and all its members, perhaps to a fault. I fear my concern for them has made me blind to what's been happening around me.
FormID: 0003570E FGD09Hist FGD09Choice1 2 If it were not for you, and Oreyn... I dare not think it. Now, we must speak about what you've done, and how it will affect any further advancement.
__もし貴方と Oreyn がいなかったら…、考えたくもないわ。それでは、貴方達が成し遂げた事、それがギルドの更なる発展にどう影響を与えるのか話し合わねばなりません。
FormID: 0003570F FGD09Hist advancementFG 0 Because of your actions, I am hereby stripping you of your rank of Champion. You were reckless, foolhardy, and dangerous to yourself and the Guild.
FormID: 0003570F FGD09Hist advancementFG 1 They were also brave, and necessary. Because of this, I am hereby naming you Master of the Fighters Guild, effective immediately.
FormID: 0003570F FGD09Hist advancementFG 2 The Guild has passed me by. You are its future. Take your responsibilty seriously. I wish you luck. You still have many duties to perform.
FormID: 00035711 FGD09Hist advancementFG 0 Ha! Made you Guildmaster? Amazing. You earned it, though you'll likely muck it all up. So, what are you going to do with your newfound rank?
FormID: 0003570D FGD09Hist BearclawHelmTOPIC 0 It belonged to an ancestor, Oreyn Bearclaw, but was lost for centuries. It was found only when Malacath wrongly believed my family line ended.
FormID: 0003570D FGD09Hist BearclawHelmTOPIC 1 It was returned to me by a stranger from my homeland, Morrowind. Wear it proudly. Perhaps you can help restore the glory of my family's name.
FormID: 00035702 FGD09Hist RiZakarTopic 0 He's a warrior, a battle-hardened mercenary who's spent time all over Tamriel. He'll keep his prize tree locked away. You'll need to find his key.
__奴は戦士だ、 Tamriel 全土を駆け巡った百戦練磨の傭兵だ。奴がその大事な木を保管しているのだろう。奴の持つ鍵を見つけるんだ。
FormID: 00035701 FGD09Hist HistTreeTopic 0 Well done! With that tree gone, the Blackwood Company is just another band of mercenaries. Cyrodiil is a safer place for what you've done.
__よくやった! あの木がなけりゃあ、Blackwood Company はただの傭兵の集まりだ。お前がやってくれた事で Cyrodiil は安全な地となった。
__よくやった! あの木がなければ、Blackwood Companyはただの傭兵の集まりだ。お前のおかげで、Cyrodiilはずっと安全な地となった。
__よくやった! あの木がなければ、Blackwood Companyはただの傭兵の集まりだ。お前のおかげで、Cyrodiilはより安全な地となった。
FormID: 00035701 FGD09Hist HistTreeTopic 1 I want you to take this. May it serve you well. Now, you should tell Vilena Donton what has happened.
__これを受け取ってほしい。しっかりとお前の役に立つだろう。さて、お前はこの出来事を Vilena Donton に話をするんだ。
__これを受け取ってほしい。お前の役に立てば良いが。さて、この出来事をVilena Dontonに伝えてこい。
FormID: 00035701 FGD09Hist HistTreeTopic 2 Perhaps she will understand what it is we have done. I believe our work is now finished. You are a fine soldier, my friend. You've made me proud.
FormID: 0003570C FGD09Hist HistTreeTopic 0 This tree is the source of our problems. It is an abomination of nature, and it must be destroyed.
FormID: 0003570C FGD09Hist HistTreeTopic 1 As long as the Blackwood Company has access to the sap, we are all in danger. I fear they no longer know what they do.
__Blackwood Company に樹液を手に入れる手段がある限り、俺達全員が危険に晒されちまう。もはや奴等は自分達のしていることが分からなくなっちまってるんじゃないか。
__Blackwood Companyが樹液を利用する限り、安全な場所などない。恐らく、もはや善悪の区別すらついていない。
FormID: 0003570C FGD09Hist HistTreeTopic 2 You must find a way to destroy the Hist, though I can imagine Ri'Zakar will have it well guarded. Expect an unfriendly welcome at their hall.
__Hist を破壊する方法を見つけるんだ、だが Ri'Zakar が厳重に警備を行っている事は察しがつく。奴等の本拠地での手荒い歓迎を期待するんだな。
FormID: 000A5658 FGD09Hist FGD09JafazirGreet 0 You are no longer one of us! Fighters Guild spy! Traitor! Your life is forfeit!
__貴様はもはや仲間じゃねぇ! 戦士ギルドのスパイめ! 裏切り者め! 貴様の人生もこれまでだ!
__貴様はもはや仲間じゃねぇ!Fighters Guildのスパイめ!裏切り者め!貴様の人生もこれまでだ!

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