FormID: 00022A80 MG04Restore GOODBYE 0 Stay sharp, Associate.
FormID: 00022A91 MG04Restore GOODBYE 0 Good luck, Associate.
FormID: 0002ACC0 MG04Restore GOODBYE 0 Be careful out there, friend.
FormID: 00022A92 MG04Restore HELLO 0 I see you've returned safely, Associate.
FormID: 00022A93 MG04Restore HELLO 0 Stay back! We mustn't be seen!
__戻ったか! もう会えないと思っていたよ!
__離れろ! 見られたらまずい!
FormID: 00022A94 MG04Restore HELLO 0 Keep your distance, Associate.
FormID: 0002ACBC MG04Restore HELLO 0 Quickly, we must speak.
FormID: 0002ACBF MG04Restore HELLO 0 Have you completed your task?
FormID: 0003020A MG04Restore GREETING 0 You've done well. The Gold Road should be a little safer for now.
__よくやったわ。これでGold Roadも少しは安全になるはずよ。
FormID: 0003020A MG04Restore GREETING 1 You should return to Anvil and let Carahil know the work is complete. We'll remain here and clean things up.
FormID: 00030204 MG04Restore GREETING 0 Not now!
FormID: 00030205 MG04Restore GREETING 0 Not now, you fool!
FormID: 0004F21E MG04Restore GREETING 0 It is ill-advised for us to speak.
FormID: 00030206 MG04Restore GREETING 0 I'm afraid your journey ends here, traveler.
FormID: 00030206 MG04Restore GREETING 1 I'll be taking whatever you're carrying. After you're dead, of course. I do hope it's more than the last few had. They were most disappointing.
FormID: 00030189 MG04Restore GREETING 0 Oh, don't let me bother you. You just stay safe on the road.
FormID: 00030187 MG04Restore GREETING 0 Pardon me, but did I hear you say that you're a traveling merchant?
FormID: 0004F21F MG04Restore GREETING 0 Hello there! I must say, I'm quite surprised to see anyone else here.
FormID: 0004F21F MG04Restore GREETING 1 With all the trouble on the road recently, I expected to be the only one staying at the inn. It's a welcome surprise though, believe me.
FormID: 0004F21F MG04Restore GREETING 2 Are you staying for a while, or simply just passing through?
FormID: 0001C4AA MG04Restore GREETING 0 Welcome to the Inn. If it's a room you're after, speak with Christophe.
FormID: 0003009C MG04Restore GREETING 0 Welcome to the Brina Cross Inn. Can I interest you in something to eat, or perhaps a bed for the night?
__Brina Cross Innへようこそ。食事,ベッドどちらにしますか?
__Brina Cross Innへようこそ。食べ物をお求めですか、それともお泊まりですか?
__Brina Cross Innへようこそ。食事ですか?お泊りですか?
__Brina Cross Innへようこそ。食事はいかがですか?それともご宿泊を?
FormID: 00022A7F MG04Restore GREETING 0 Did I not tell you to avoid contact with us? Travel along the road, and act normally. We shall be shadowing you.
FormID: 0006D810 MG04Restore GREETING 0 You have your orders. Now carry them out.
FormID: 0006D811 MG04Restore GREETING 0 We should speak in your room, where it is private. Not here.
FormID: 0004F220 MG04Restore GREETING 0 You don't follow orders well, do you? You were supposed to find me before you spoke to anyone else here.
FormID: 0004F220 MG04Restore GREETING 1 We shall look forward instead of back, however. You still have work to do.
FormID: 0004F220 MG04Restore GREETING 2 Rest here for the night, and then continue along the Gold Road, heading east towards Kvatch.
__一晩ここで泊まって、それからGold Roadを、Kvatchに向かって東へ進み続けて。
FormID: 0004F220 MG04Restore GREETING 3 I shall be following out of sight, along with a fellow Battlemage. Make no attempts to speak to us; trust that we will protect you.
FormID: 0004F220 MG04Restore GREETING 4 Should you be confronted by this cowardly mage, do not hesitate to protect yourself with whatever means possible.
FormID: 0004F220 MG04Restore GREETING 5 Once the mage has revealed himself, we will step in and settle the matter quickly. Now, get yourself some sleep. You'll need to be well-rested.
FormID: 00030207 MG04Restore GREETING 0 All right, it should be safe to speak here.
FormID: 00030207 MG04Restore GREETING 1 Once you've rested here, you need to continue along the Gold Road, heading east towards Kvatch.
__ここで休息したら、Gold Roadを、Kvatchに向かって東へ進み続けて。
FormID: 00030207 MG04Restore GREETING 2 I shall be following out of sight, along with a fellow Battlemage. Make no attempts to speak to us; trust that we will protect you.
FormID: 00030207 MG04Restore GREETING 3 Should you be confronted by this cowardly mage, do not hesitate to protect yourself by whatever means possible.
FormID: 00030207 MG04Restore GREETING 4 Once the mage has revealed himself, we will step in and settle the matter quickly. Now, get yourself some sleep. You'll need to be well-rested.
FormID: 00030208 MG04Restore GREETING 0 Don't speak to me further until you've rented a room. Then I'll come find you.
FormID: 0002FD72 MG04Restore GREETING 0 Hello, stranger. What can I do for you?
FormID: 0002FD72 MG04Restore GREETING 1 Carahil has sent you, has she not?
FormID: 0002FD72 MG04Restore GREETING 2 Go and speak with Christophe. Rent a room for the night. Once you have your room, I will meet you there.
FormID: 0002FD72 MG04Restore GREETING 3 If anyone asks, you are a traveling merchant, nothing more. Do not say otherwise to anyone.
FormID: 0002FD72 MG04Restore GREETING 4 No, friend. I'm afraid I don't know the way to Cheydhinhal, but good luck in your travels. Please excuse me.
FormID: 0002EDD7 MG04Restore GREETING 0 So, what of the Rogue mage? Has he been found?
FormID: 0002EE3F MG04Restore GREETING 0 Hello, Associate. To earn a recommendation from me, you need simply prove you are able-bodied and prepared to learn something in the process.
FormID: 0002FD6D MG04Restore Recommendation 0 This is a harsh, dangerous task for you, I realize. Your unfamiliar face makes you most useful, however.
FormID: 0002FD6D MG04Restore Recommendation 1 And, what better way to learn the many uses of Restoration? Practical application is often the best educator. Even in life and death situations.
__そして、回復魔法のさまざまな使用法を学ぶのによい方法は何でしょう? 実践はしばしば最高の教育者です。生死の状況でさえも。
FormID: 00053239 MG04Restore Recommendation 0 Are you prepared now? I have little time to waste.
__君の準備はできたのかい? すこしばかり時間を無駄にしたよ。
FormID: 0002EE40 MG04Restore Recommendation 0 Unlike some frivolous tasks you may be given at other guild halls, this is a serious matter, and has consequences. Are you prepared?
FormID: 0002EDF7 MG04Restore MG04Choice1B 0 Disappointing. Well, let me know when you are ready.
FormID: 0002EE4F MG04Restore MG04Choice1A 0 Then allow me to explain the task. The Council of Mages has entrusted me with resolving a situation along the Gold Road.
__では説明差し上げますわよ。Council of MagesからGold Road沿いの状況を打開するよう指令がありましたの。
__なら、説明させていただくわ。メイジ評議会からの私に、Gold Road沿いのある事件を解決するよう通達があったの。
__なら、説明させていただくわ。メイジ評議会から私に、Gold Road沿いのある事件を解決するよう通達があったの。
__では、説明させていただくわ。メイジ評議会から私に、Gold Road沿いのある事件を解決するよう通達があったの。
FormID: 0002EE4F MG04Restore MG04Choice1A 1 Several traveling merchants have been found dead along the Gold Road recently, with even more missing. The Council has asked that I put a stop to it.
__先日Gold Roadで数名の行商人が遺体となって発見され、さらに多数が行方不明となっているのです。Councilはこれを阻止するよう私に依頼してきましたわ。
__近頃Gold Road沿いで、行商人の遺体が続けざまに発見され、多数が行方不明になっているの。評議会は、これを止めるべく私に依頼してきたの。
FormID: 0002EE4F MG04Restore MG04Choice1A 2 You are going to help me do so.
FormID: 0002FD6C MG04Restore MerchantTopic 0 It's a sad thing, to think that a mage would kill helpless merchants for the wares they carry.
FormID: 0002EE50 MG04Restore MerchantTopic 0 All found dead along the same stretch of road. The only trait shared amongst them is that each had previously stayed at the Brina Cross Inn nearby.
__発見された遺体は全て同じ街道で見つかっています。彼らの共通点は事件の前に近くにあるBrina Cross Innに宿泊したということだけです。
FormID: 0002EE50 MG04Restore MerchantTopic 1 Normally, this would be a matter for the local law enforcement. Due to certain circumstances, however, the Council has become involved.
FormID: 0002EE50 MG04Restore MerchantTopic 2 We believe these deaths to be the actions of a rogue Mage.
FormID: 0003020C MG04Restore RogueMage 0 A she, you say? And she's dead? Well, Arielle and Roliand did what needed to be done. No more innocent deaths. At least, for now.
FormID: 0003020C MG04Restore RogueMage 1 You have done well enough for yourself. I'll pass along my recommendation to Raminus.
FormID: 0003020C MG04Restore RogueMage 2 Though I must say, I doubt it will do you much good in the end. You'd be surprised how easily they forget about the little people.
FormID: 0002FD69 MG04Restore RogueMage 0 The scrolls I have given you should protect you from the magic the mage seems to use most frequently, but do not let your guard down.
FormID: 0002FD69 MG04Restore RogueMage 1 He may have more tricks up his sleeve.
FormID: 0002EE53 MG04Restore RogueMage 0 Some mages do not abide by the principles of the guild, and operate outside its boundaries. Many hold little value for the lives of others.
FormID: 0002EE53 MG04Restore RogueMage 1 The frost burns found on the victims in this case indicate a mage was responsible for their deaths. Likely nothing more than simple robbery.
FormID: 0002EE53 MG04Restore RogueMage 2 These scrolls should provide sufficient resistance to frost magic, when and if you do encounter this rogue mage. Use them wisely.
FormID: 0002FD6A MG04Restore BrinaCrossInnTopic 0 The Inn lies north of Anvil. Speak with Arielle Jurard when you arrive. She will give you further instructions.
__InnはAnvilの北にあります。到着したらArielle Jurardに話しかけてちょうだい。そこからは彼女が手引きしてくれるでしょう。
FormID: 0002FD6A MG04Restore BrinaCrossInnTopic 1 Do not let your guard down. We do not know whether the Inn's staff is involved somehow.
FormID: 0002FD6B MG04Restore BrinaCrossInnTopic 0 As you are new to the guild, and to the area, you are less likely to be recognized on your trip from Anvil to Kvatch.
FormID: 0002FD6B MG04Restore BrinaCrossInnTopic 1 You will pose as a traveling merchant, and will spend a night at the Inn, which is north of Anvil. After that, continue east along the road.
FormID: 0002FD6B MG04Restore BrinaCrossInnTopic 2 Speak with Arielle Jurard when you arrive. She will be, let's say, [QUOTE]assisting[QUOTE] you with your task.
__到着したらArielle Jurardと話をして。彼女が任務の[QUOTE]手助け[QUOTE]してくれるわ。
__到着したらArielle Jurardと話をして。彼女が任務を[QUOTE]手助け[QUOTE]してくれるわ。
FormID: 0002FD6B MG04Restore BrinaCrossInnTopic 3 You will find her company most welcome, I believe.
FormID: 000300A3 MG04Restore MG04Choice3B 0 Very well. If there's anything else I can do for you, let me know.
FormID: 000300A4 MG04Restore MG04Choice3A 0 Right then. The bed is just upstairs, at the back of the inn. Sleep well.
FormID: 0001C4AC MG04Restore MG04Choice3A 0 I'm afraid that I can't rent you the room if you can't afford it. Sorry.
FormID: 000300A2 MG04Restore MG04Choice2B 0 Of course. It's none of my business, is it?
FormID: 000300A2 MG04Restore MG04Choice2B 1 I merely ask out of concern. If you're a merchant, you should be wary. There have been... problems recently.
FormID: 000300A1 MG04Restore MG04Choice2A 0 Ah, yes. Thought so. We get many of them traveling through here. Well, we used to.
FormID: 000300A1 MG04Restore MG04Choice2A 1 Haven't seen as many lately, what with the... well, you know. The murders.
FormID: 000300A1 MG04Restore MG04Choice2A 2 I don't like to talk about it much, as it's bad for business. At any rate, would you care for a bed for the night?
FormID: 0004F229 MG04Restore MG04Choice2A 0 Ah! How brave of you, to walk the roads with all of the recent trouble!
FormID: 0004F229 MG04Restore MG04Choice2A 1 I myself have been here for some time, hoping to find out what's going on. No luck yet, though.
FormID: 0004F229 MG04Restore MG04Choice2A 2 Well, you watch out for yourself, and be careful!
FormID: 0001C4AB MG04Restore bed 0 I hope it's comfortable enough for you.
FormID: 0001C4AE MG04Restore bed 0 Are you interested? It's only 10 gold for the night.
FormID: 000300A0 MG04Restore bed 0 Let me guess, traveling on business? You don't look like you're out for a stroll.
FormID: 00030188 MG04Restore MG04Choice4B 0 Oh, I'm sorry. Perhaps I heard incorrectly. Excuse me.
FormID: 0003018A MG04Restore MG04Choice4A 0 Don't you worry, what with the recent killings and all? I'd be ever so scared, if it were me. I haven't left the Inn in days, just in case!
FormID: 0003018A MG04Restore MG04Choice4A 1 Well, you take care of yourself. I'd hate to hear about another senseless death. Good luck to you!
FormID: 0004F228 MG04Restore MG04ChoiceCarahilContinue 0 We believe the killings are the actions of a rogue mage. Battlemages have been sent to the Brina Cross Inn, the only common link between the victims.
__私たちは殺人は盗賊メイジの仕業だと信じています。犠牲者の唯一の共通点であるBrina Cross InnにBattlemagesを送り込んであるの。
__一連の殺人事件は間違いなくメイジくずれの犯行よ。数名のバトルメイジをBrina Cross Innに送ってあるわ。犠牲者は皆そこに立ち寄っているの。
FormID: 0004F228 MG04Restore MG04ChoiceCarahilContinue 1 You are to travel north to the Brina Cross Inn, and speak with Arielle Jurard. She will give you further instructions.
__北へ向かってBrina Cross Innに行き、Arielle Jurardと話してちょうだい。そこからは彼女が手引きしてくれるでしょう。
__北へ向かってBrina Cross Innに行き、Arielle Jurardから話を聞いてちょうだい。彼女が作戦の詳細を教えてくれるわ。
FormID: 0004F226 MG04Restore MG04ChoiceCarahilDangerous 0 Indeed, it may well be.
FormID: 0004F226 MG04Restore MG04ChoiceCarahilDangerous 1 I see no reason to shelter you from situations the guild deals with on a daily basis. This is the important work, the work that matters.
FormID: 0004F226 MG04Restore MG04ChoiceCarahilDangerous 2 I have no time for guild recruits that are useless in the field. This will be an excellent way for you to prove yourself.
FormID: 0004F227 MG04Restore Mg04ChoiceCarahilWhy 0 As you are new to the guild, you are less likely to be recognized as a member. This may give you an advantage in getting to the root of the problem.

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