FormID: 00095A82 MG11NecroMoon GOODBYE 0 Be careful.
FormID: 00095A83 MG11NecroMoon GOODBYE 0 Report back as soon as you can.
FormID: 00033DEA MG11NecroMoon HELLO 0 Is there any news?
FormID: 00033DEF MG11NecroMoon HELLO 0 Welcome to the Imperial Orrery.
__Imperial Orreryへようこそ。
FormID: 000835C1 MG11NecroMoon HELLO 0 I don't have time to help you now!
FormID: 0000357A MG11NecroMoon GREETING 0 Hello there. Is there something I can do for you?
FormID: 00002DC5 MG11NecroMoon GREETING 0 Have you found [QUOTE]Necromancer's Moon[QUOTE]?
__[QUOTE]Necromancer's Moon[QUOTE]を見つけた?
__『Necromancer's Moon』は見つかった?
FormID: 00002DC7 MG11NecroMoon GREETING 0 Err, look. If you're here for information, I'm afraid you'll have to find it on your own. I'm swamped right now; up to my ears in Necromancy.
FormID: 00002DC7 MG11NecroMoon GREETING 1 Not practicing it, mind you. Wouldn't want anyone to think I was involved in that sort of thing. I simply meant researching it.
FormID: 000038AA MG11NecroMoon GREETING 0 Have you been to the Dark Fissure yet? We need to know all we can about the Necromancers.
__もうDark Fissureへ行ったのか?我々はNecromancerの全てを知る必要があるのだ。
__もうDark Fissureへ行ったのか?我々は死霊術師たちの全てを知る必要があるのだ。
__もうDark Fissureに行ってきたのか?我々は、死霊術師の全容を知る必要があるのだ。
__もうDark Fissureに行ってきたのか?我々は、少しでも多くの死霊術師に関する情報を求めているのだ。
FormID: 00002DC2 MG11NecroMoon GREETING 0 Bothiel may know more about this [QUOTE]Shade of the Revenant[QUOTE] referred to in the book you've given me. Speak with her.
__Bothielは君が渡してくれたこの本に書かれている「Shade of the Revenant」について詳しく知っているかもしれない。彼女と話すんだ。
__Bothielは君が渡してくれたこの本に書かれている[QUOTE]Shade of the Revenant[QUOTE]について詳しく知っているかもしれない。彼女と話すんだ。
FormID: 00002DC8 MG11NecroMoon GREETING 0 Has Tar-Meena been of use in gathering information about the Necromancers?
FormID: 00002DC9 MG11NecroMoon GREETING 0 Good work at Vahtacen. Jarol is quite pleased with the information now coming in about the site.
__Vahtacen では良くやった。Joral はあの遺跡について送られてきている情報に大いに喜んでいる。
FormID: 00002DC9 MG11NecroMoon GREETING 1 There is another predicament which I believe you can also help resolve, if you feel ready for it.
FormID: 00002DC3 MG11NecroMoon NecromancersMoon 0 Excellent work. I believe this will be of use to the Council. I shall make sure they're made aware of its contents.
FormID: 00002DC3 MG11NecroMoon NecromancersMoon 1 Hmm. I have never heard of this [QUOTE]Shade of the Revenant.[QUOTE] Some sort of celestial phenomenon?
FormID: 00002DC3 MG11NecroMoon NecromancersMoon 2 If that's correct, then Bothiel would be most likely to know something about it, as the caretaker of the Orrery. She should be on University grounds.
FormID: 00002DCF MG11NecroMoon NecromancersMoon 0 A most interesting text, is it not? We are fortunate that at least one necromancer took the time to record the information.
FormID: 00002DCF MG11NecroMoon NecromancersMoon 1 I am unfamiliar with the [QUOTE]Shade of the Revenant[QUOTE] described within the book, but I was never one to dabble in the more, shall we say, amoral arts.
FormID: 00002DCF MG11NecroMoon NecromancersMoon 2 You may take that with you for now, if you wish. The Council may have use for it. Please ask them to return it quickly, as I may need it again.
FormID: 00002DD0 MG11NecroMoon NecromancersMoon 0 I believe you'll find it quite helpful. Once you've had a chance to read it, I'd be happy to discuss it with you.
FormID: 00002DC4 MG11NecroMoon TarMeenaTopic 0 She's given you a book? I would know everything you have learned from it.
FormID: 00002DCD MG11NecroMoon TarMeenaTopic 0 Her expertise in arcane knowledge and lore could be invaluable to us, if we can make proper use of it.
FormID: 00002DCD MG11NecroMoon TarMeenaTopic 1 She can likely be found in the Archives now, poring through materials on Necromancy. She stops only to sleep, at the Arch-Mage's request.
FormID: 00002DCC MG11NecroMoon MG11Choice1B 0 I shall be here when you are ready.
FormID: 00002DCB MG11NecroMoon MG11Choice1A 0 Excellent. You have become most reliable, and I assure you that the Council appreciates it. Now, to the matter at hand.
FormID: 00002DCB MG11NecroMoon MG11Choice1A 1 In order to deal with the apparent growing problem of Necromancers in Cyrodiil, the Council needs as much information as possible.
FormID: 00002DCB MG11NecroMoon MG11Choice1A 2 The Mystic Archives have been consulted with minimal success. Guild members are investigating other avenues, but I believe more can be learned here.
__Mystic Archivesでの調査は成功していない。ギルドメンバーは他の場所で調査をしているが、しかし私はMystic Archivesからまだ学ぶことがあると考えている。
__Mystic Archivesでは、大した収穫を得られなかった。ギルド員が他の場所を探しているところだが、まだここで得られる情報があると私は考えている。
FormID: 0000357B MG11NecroMoon ShadeoftheRevenant 0 So, Falcar expressed interest in this Revenant as well, and left this note behind, did he? Perhaps we should look into it for more clues.
FormID: 0000357B MG11NecroMoon ShadeoftheRevenant 1 This lists several locations. The first is [QUOTE]The Dark Fissure,[QUOTE] which I recognize; it's a cave in the mountains south of Cheydinhal.
__これにはいくつかの場所がリストになっている。最初は『The Dark Fissure』で、ここは知ってる。Chedinhalの山の南の洞窟だな。
__これにはいくつかの場所がリストになっている。最初は『The Dark Fissure』で、ここは知ってる。Cheydinhalの山の南の洞窟だな。
__この中には、複数の場所が箇条書きされている。筆頭の『The Dark Fissure』には心当たりがある。Cheydinhalの南の山地にある洞窟だ。
FormID: 0000357B MG11NecroMoon ShadeoftheRevenant 2 If there is indeed an altar there, as the note suggests, I believe this cave is directly related to the contents of the book.
FormID: 0000357B MG11NecroMoon ShadeoftheRevenant 3 Go to the Dark Fissure the next time this [QUOTE]shade[QUOTE] occurs. Search for any connection to what we've learned, and report back.
__この『影』の現象が起こっているときにDark Fissureに行ってみるんだ。今まで調べたこととの関連があるか調査して、報告してくれ。
__次の『姿』の現象が起こる時に、Dark Fissureに向かいたまえ。この資料に関係する情報を探し出し、持ち帰ってくれ。
FormID: 0000357B MG11NecroMoon ShadeoftheRevenant 4 Please, be careful. Anything you find is of no use to us if you do not survive. I believe we are dealing with powerful forces here.
FormID: 0000357B MG11NecroMoon ShadeoftheRevenant 5 Do not put yourself in harm's way, if it can be avoided.
FormID: 0000357C MG11NecroMoon ShadeoftheRevenant 0 I'm afraid I've told you all I can about it. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more use.
FormID: 0000357D MG11NecroMoon ShadeoftheRevenant 0 Revenant, you say? And it represents something in the Heavens? It sounds familiar. Let me think...
FormID: 0000357D MG11NecroMoon ShadeoftheRevenant 1 Ah, yes! Now I remember!
FormID: 0000357D MG11NecroMoon ShadeoftheRevenant 2 Falcar was here some time ago, asking about just such a thing. Said it was for research. He had a large sheaf of notes with him about it.
FormID: 0000357D MG11NecroMoon ShadeoftheRevenant 3 I'm afraid I didn't have any more advice for him than I do for you. With the Orrery in such a state of disrepair, I have no point of reference.
FormID: 0000357D MG11NecroMoon ShadeoftheRevenant 4 Falcar did leave this behind; I think it fell from his notes as he left. I didn't pay it much attention, but perhaps it will be of use to you.
FormID: 00033540 MG11NecroMoon MG11ChoiceExplain 0 What little we know makes no sense in a larger context.
FormID: 00033540 MG11NecroMoon MG11ChoiceExplain 1 For example, why was Falcar -- who we know now to be part of this cult of Necromancers -- in possession of Black Soul Gems?
__例えば、Falcarが何故 -- 今は彼がNecromancer教団の参加者だったと知っているけど -- Black Soul Gemsを持っていたのか?
__例えば、Falcarが何故 -- 今は彼が死霊術師の教団の参加者だったと知っているが -- Black Soul Gemsを持っていたのか?
__たとえば、Falcarが…死霊術師の秘密結社の一員であることが判明した男だが…彼がBlack Soul Gemsを所持していた理由だ。
FormID: 00033540 MG11NecroMoon MG11ChoiceExplain 2 The Arch-Mage has other reports of these gems being associated with Necromancers, but we do not know why. We don't even know what they do.
FormID: 00033540 MG11NecroMoon MG11ChoiceExplain 3 We have overlooked these questions because we are so focused on rooting out the Necromancers as quickly as possible.
FormID: 0003353F MG11NecroMoon MG11ChoiceWhatNext 0 I'd like you to speak with Tar-Meena at the Mystic Archives. She is our specialist on magicka arcana, and has been helping gather information.
__Mystic ArchivesでTar-Meenaと話したらどうかな。彼女はmagicka arcanaのスペシャリストで、情報収集の手助けにもなると思う。
__Mystic ArchivesにいるTar-Meenaから話を聞くべきだろう。彼女は密教の専門家で、情報収集に尽力してもらっているのだ。
FormID: 0003353F MG11NecroMoon MG11ChoiceWhatNext 1 I believe we have been asking her the wrong questions, taxing her too much with vague attempts to make sense of all that we know.
FormID: 0003353F MG11NecroMoon MG11ChoiceWhatNext 2 Speak with her specifically about these Black Soul Gems. If she knows anything about their powers or creation.
__彼女には特にこのBlack Soul Gemsについて話したほうがいい。この宝石の力か製法について何か知っているかもしれない。
__特に、このBlack Soul Gemsについて聞いて来てくれたまえ。このジェムの効果か製法について、何か知っていれば良いのだが。
FormID: 0003353F MG11NecroMoon MG11ChoiceWhatNext 3 An insight into their origins may lead us to those who are responsible for them.
FormID: 00033635 MG11NecroMoon MG11ChoiceBlackSoulGems 0 Hmm. Now that is a bit more specific. Finally, something I can respond to!
FormID: 00033635 MG11NecroMoon MG11ChoiceBlackSoulGems 1 Let me think for a moment...
FormID: 00033635 MG11NecroMoon MG11ChoiceBlackSoulGems 2 Oh yes! There's one obscure text that references these gems. I believe it's still around here someplace, unless Falcar never returned it.
FormID: 00033635 MG11NecroMoon MG11ChoiceBlackSoulGems 3 The name of the book is [QUOTE]Necromancer's Moon.[QUOTE] I'm unclear on the origins of the text, but it does involve these gems you're interested in.
__本の名は、[QUOTE]Necromancer's Moon[QUOTE]。文書の出自は判らないけど、君が興味をもっているこの宝石に関わるもののようよ。
__題名は『Necromancer's Moon』。出所不明の本だけど、お探しのジェムが出てくるわ。
FormID: 00033635 MG11NecroMoon MG11ChoiceBlackSoulGems 4 I'm afraid you'll have to find it yourself. I'm so out of sorts with all these requests, I've lost track of most everything. It's very distressing.
FormID: 00033634 MG11NecroMoon MG11ChoiceHeretohelp 0 Help?
FormID: 00033634 MG11NecroMoon MG11ChoiceHeretohelp 1 No offense, but I don't see how you can do that. Unless you'd like to take some of this work off my shoulders, I'm beyond helping.
FormID: 00033634 MG11NecroMoon MG11ChoiceHeretohelp 2 But I do appreciate the sentiment. If there's anything specific you need, that may be more reasonable then just asking me about Necromancers.
FormID: 00033633 MG11NecroMoon MG11ChoiceSent 0 Oh, of course you were!
FormID: 00033633 MG11NecroMoon MG11ChoiceSent 1 No doubt the Council is trying to get you to bother me further. I ran Caranya out of here just a short while ago, and told them to leave me alone!
FormID: 00033633 MG11NecroMoon MG11ChoiceSent 2 I keep telling them, I can't produce results if I'm not given any time! I'm not used to working under conditions like this!
FormID: 00033632 MG11NecroMoon MG11ChoiceWhyBusy 0 Why? Why? Oh, no real reason.
FormID: 00033632 MG11NecroMoon MG11ChoiceWhyBusy 1 It's just that the entire Council of Mages has been in here at one time or another recently, all wanting information on Necromancers.
__ただ、Council of Magesの人たちが、何度もここに来ては、死霊術師の情報を欲しがるからよ。
FormID: 00033632 MG11NecroMoon MG11ChoiceWhyBusy 2 Necromancy, of all things!
FormID: 00033DEB MG11NecroMoon ImperialOrrery 0 A most fascinating contraption. Bothiel is one of the few who understands how it worked, and kept it running.
FormID: 00002DCA MG11NecroMoon tasks 0 Are you prepared to begin your next task for the guild?
FormID: 000038B7 MG11NecroMoon Necromancers 0 So, you saw them? The altars must be infused with some kind of power to change over the soul gems.
__それで、奴らに会ったのか?祭壇にsoul gemを変化させる何らかの力を吹き込まなければならないのか。
FormID: 000038B7 MG11NecroMoon Necromancers 1 I shall pass the news on to the Council. Most troubling, indeed, to know that these are not merely myths.
FormID: 000038B7 MG11NecroMoon Necromancers 2 I also fear their numbers may be greater than we believed.
FormID: 000038B7 MG11NecroMoon Necromancers 3 You have again performed admirably. You have my thanks, and that of the Council as well.
FormID: 0000357E MG11NecroMoon Necromancers 0 I've heard things, to be sure, but I don't really know anything about them.
FormID: 0000357E MG11NecroMoon Necromancers 1 Is it true that some of our guildmates were killed? Oh, how horrible!
FormID: 00033636 MG11NecroMoon Necromancers 0 Hrmph. Why all the fuss now?
FormID: 00033636 MG11NecroMoon Necromancers 1 I thought it would've died down by now, what with the ban on the practice of Necromancy in the guild being in place for as long as it has.
FormID: 00033636 MG11NecroMoon Necromancers 2 And yet suddenly everyone shows up on my doorstep, needing information immediately. Nevermind that I might have things of my own to work on.

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