FormID: 0007B8C3 MQEndgame GREETING 0 When I saw the fiery clouds and the daedra in the streets, I was sure we were all dead... but you saved us.
FormID: 0007B7DA MQEndgame GREETING 0 You were Martin's friend, weren't you? You were fortunate to have known him.
FormID: 000AF05A MQEndgame GREETING 0 Any friend of Martin's is a friend of mine. How can I help you?
FormID: 0007B7DB MQEndgame GREETING 0 Greetings, Champion! I'm at your service.
FormID: 0007B7DC MQEndgame GREETING 0 I'm honored to speak to the Champion of Cyrodiil! What do you need?
__Champion of Cyrodiilと話せるなんて後衛です!何か必要なものでも?
__Champion of Cyrodiilとお話出来るとは光栄です!何か御用ですか?
FormID: 0007B7DD MQEndgame GREETING 0 Did you really face down Mehrunes Dagon himself? They say he stood 200 feet high and crushed the Temple Dome with his fist!
__本当にあのMehrunes Dagon自身と顔をあわせたのかい?みんなが言うには彼は200フィート以上もの背の高さで、一撃で寺院の天井ドームを破壊したんだって言うじゃないか。
FormID: 0007B7DF MQEndgame GREETING 0 The bards will be busy composing songs in your honor for years to come. To think that we lived through such times!
FormID: 0007B7E3 MQEndgame GREETING 0 What was it like, in the Temple, at the end? Did Martin really call down the power of Akatosh to smite Dagon?
FormID: 0007B7F6 MQEndgame GREETING 0 The thought of what might have happened if you and Martin hadn't stopped Dagon's invasion...
FormID: 0007B7F6 MQEndgame GREETING 1 But it's over. Thank Akatosh, the Oblivion Invasion is over, and we've survived!

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