FormID: 0001625C TG04Mistake TG04WhereAhdarji 0 I know of her. What's it worth to you?
FormID: 0001625B TG04Mistake TG04NoBribeBeggar2 0 I seem to have forgotten where she lives.
FormID: 0001625A TG04Mistake TG04BribeBeggar2 0 She lives on the west side of town. She is fond of the Three Sisters Lodge in the evening, but takes her midday meal at the Five Claws.
FormID: 00035DD8 TG04Mistake TGSpecialJobs 0 Sadly, I don't have anything for you. I only work with the less experienced guild members. You should go see S'krivva in Bravil from now on.
FormID: 00035DD8 TG04Mistake TGSpecialJobs 1 You can find her at the Lonely Suitor lodge. I wouldn't recommend bothering her at home, unless the door is unlocked.
__彼女とはLonely Suitor lodgeで会えるだろう。もし会えないからといって、自宅まで出向いて彼女を煩わせないようにな。
FormID: 00035DD9 TG04Mistake TGSpecialJobs 0 Sadly, you must demonstrate more skill before I can allow a commission job.
FormID: 00035DD9 TG04Mistake TGSpecialJobs 1 Sell more stolen treasures to the fences. They will let me know when you have proven skillful enough.
FormID: 0001EE41 TG04Mistake TGSpecialJobs 0 I have a special request from the widow of a former fence in Leyawiin. As your new Doyen, I am asking you to help her.
FormID: 0001EE41 TG04Mistake TGSpecialJobs 1 A street scavenger made off with a ring that the widow Ahdarji values highly. She is offering a reward.
FormID: 0001EE41 TG04Mistake TGSpecialJobs 2 The guild frowns on freelance thieves. Are you willing to go to Leyawiin, find the ring, and get it back to Ahdarji?
FormID: 00035FBE TG04Mistake TGSpecialJobs 0 I don't want that ring! It's too hot to sell. You are supposed to take it to Ahdarji. I swear, the new recruits are getting worse.
FormID: 00035DDF TG04Mistake TG04reject 0 I'm short on skilled thieves of your rank just now. If you change your mind, come back and see me.
FormID: 00035DDE TG04Mistake TG04accept 0 This is good. Go to Leyawiin. Speak with Ahdarji and help her find her ring.
FormID: 0000A174 TG04Mistake TG04WhereIsAmusei 0 Yeah, we got him here. Argonians aren't allowed visitors though. Countess Alessia's orders. She has a thing about the lizard folk.
FormID: 0004897A TG04Mistake TG04WhereIsAmusei 0 The poor bugger was arrested. Seems he tried to swindle the Countess. He's rotting in a cell in the castle dungeon now.
FormID: 0004897A TG04Mistake TG04WhereIsAmusei 1 It's common knowledge that the jailors can be bribed to allow visitors to see prisoners.
FormID: 00035E97 TG04Mistake TG04WhereIsAmusei 0 I might know that, for a price.
FormID: 00035FAD TG04Mistake TG04WhereIsAmusei 0 We arrested that miscreant. The stupid lizard tried to blackmail the Countess. I wouldn't waste much time thinking about him any more.
FormID: 00035FC1 TG04Mistake TG04NoRingYet 0 Well then. It seems you still have a job to do.
FormID: 00035FC0 TG04Mistake TG04GiveRing 0 My ring! All thanks to the claws of the Clan Mother. You have recovered it.
__私の指輪!Clan Mother(Kajiitの神)の爪のおかげだよ。あんたが取り戻してくれたんだね。
FormID: 00035FC0 TG04Mistake TG04GiveRing 1 Is that slimy Argonian dead? Did he suffer long? I hope so.
FormID: 00035FC0 TG04Mistake TG04GiveRing 2 You have earned the reward. The Thieves Guild was always good to Ahdarji's dearest mate. I am grateful that the memory is still honored.
__報酬はあんたの物だ。Thieves GuildはAhdarjiの最愛の人にいつも良くしてくれたからね。あの人の活躍がいまだに記憶されてるのには感謝してるんだよ。
__報酬はあんたのものだ。Thieves GuildはAhdarjiの最愛の夫にいつも良くしてくれたね。あの人のしたことがいまだに称えられていることに感謝だよ。
FormID: 00035FBB TG04Mistake TG04Hlidara2 0 Do not worry, milady. No harm shall come to your ring if I can help it.
FormID: 00035FBA TG04Mistake TG04AlessiaCaro2 0 It's of no consequence. I'll just have to remember to remove it every night. It's your job to make sure my jewelry box is locked each night.
FormID: 00035FB9 TG04Mistake TG04Hlidara 0 I'm so happy for you, milady. I'm just so sorry he damaged it. Your finger swells up so when you wear it too long.
FormID: 00035FB8 TG04Mistake TG04AlessiaCaro 0 I feel so much better now that I have my ring back.
FormID: 00035FB8 TG04Mistake TG04AlessiaCaro 1 That filthy Argonian actually had the temerity to try and ransom it to me!
FormID: 00035FB7 TG04Mistake TG04GivePick 0 Sunlit freedom! Yes, I stole that ring from Ahdarji. When I went to sell it, the fence told me I was too hot for him.
FormID: 00035FB7 TG04Mistake TG04GivePick 1 He showed me an inscription on the inside, 'To Alessia.' That had to be the Countess of Leyawiin. The damn ring was stolen property!
FormID: 00035FB7 TG04Mistake TG04GivePick 2 Well, I figured I would ransom it back to the Countess. Except she tricked me. I was arrested for theft, and she kept the ring.
FormID: 00035FB7 TG04Mistake TG04GivePick 3 The Countess rarely leaves the castle. Good luck getting it back.
FormID: 00035FBD TG04Mistake TG04WheresSkrivva 0 Are you deaf? Didn't I already tell you that she is in Bravil?
FormID: 00035FB2 TG04Mistake TG04WheresSkrivva 0 I'd look in the Lonely Suitor. She takes her meals there. If you try her house, don't pick the lock to get in. She won't like that.
__Lonely Suitorで見かけたよ。彼女はよくそこで飯を食うんだ。彼女の家に行くなら、ピッキングで入らないほうがいいね。嫌われるよ。
FormID: 00035FB3 TG04Mistake TG04WheresSkrivva 0 Uh... she left town. That's right! She... uh... went to visit her brother in Bruma. You should go there and look for her.
FormID: 00035FB6 TG04Mistake TG04NoLockPick 0 Well what are you waiting for? Go get some! I'm not tellin' you a thing until I've got one in my hand.
FormID: 00035FB1 TG04Mistake TG04Profits 0 And what good will money do me when they come to stretch my neck? Find a way to get me out of here. Then we'll talk.
FormID: 00035FB1 TG04Mistake TG04Profits 1 Besides, you're a thief. You'd just sell the ring and let me swing.
FormID: 00035FB0 TG04Mistake TG04LockPick 0 You'd do that for me? Maybe you guild types aren't so bad after all. Okay. It's a deal. Give me a lockpick and I'll tell you about the ring.
FormID: 00035FAF TG04Mistake TG04GoodWord 0 You mean with the Thieves Guild? Sure, that way I'll be a member in good standing when they put my head on a pole!
FormID: 00035FAF TG04Mistake TG04GoodWord 1 Are you an idiot? I want you to get me out of here! I don't want a stinking guild membership.
FormID: 00035FAE TG04Mistake TG04WhereIsRing 0 Why should I tell you where it is? Here I sit in Leyawiin's dungeon while you are free. What will you do for Amusei if I tell you?
FormID: 0003B3FB TG04Mistake TG04AlessiaSchedule 0 Mornings she is at the town chapel. At the castle, she hosts the evening meal at eight. She retires sometime after eleven.
FormID: 0003B3FB TG04Mistake TG04AlessiaSchedule 1 She travels to Chorrol on the Ides of every month. Don't even try to find her between the 15th and 17th.
FormID: 0003B3FC TG04Mistake TG04AlessiaSchedule 0 I don't think I like that question. Are you planning something nefarious? Why don't you just go away.
FormID: 0004F9EA TG04Mistake TG04DarkSecrets 0 Shh! It's dangerous to be heard talking about that.
FormID: 0004F9EA TG04Mistake TG04DarkSecrets 1 The Countess has a secret passage somewhere in the basement that leads to her private quarters. That's where the torture chamber is.
FormID: 0004F9EA TG04Mistake TG04DarkSecrets 2 Sometimes I can hear the screams of the prisoners when I'm in my chambers.
FormID: 0004B776 TG04Mistake TG04WhatSecrets 0 I've heard of a hidden torture chamber. They say that Count Marius interrogates Argonian immigrants from Black Marsh.
__隠された拷問部屋について聞いたことがあるよ。Marius伯爵がBlack MarshからのArgonian移民を尋問してるって話だよ。
__秘密の拷問部屋の噂を聞いたことがある。伯爵のMariusが、Black Marshからやって来たArgonianの移民を尋問してるって話だよ。
FormID: 0004B776 TG04Mistake TG04WhatSecrets 1 The servants whisper that the Argonians are dragged into the basement and never seen again.
FormID: 0004B776 TG04Mistake TG04WhatSecrets 2 You should stay out of there, just in case.

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