FormID: 0001E866 TGExpelled TGNoPayExpelFine 0 Then I have no use for you. Begone until you can pay the fine.
FormID: 0001E867 TGExpelled TGNoPayExpelFine 0 This one turns her back on the hunter. Return when the fine can be paid.
FormID: 0001E865 TGExpelled TGPayExpelFine 0 Excellent! The guild accepts your... apology and welcomes you back into the fold.
__よろしい! ギルドはおまえの謝罪を認め、復帰を歓迎する。
FormID: 0001EFC0 TGExpelled TGPayExpelFine 0 Sweet! The hunter is restored. The pride welcomes the hunter once again.
__よろしい! ハンターは復帰しました。ギルドはいま一度ハンターを歓迎します。
FormID: 0001E863 TGExpelled TGCastOutTopic 0 You have been cast out for mistreating your fellow Thieves Guild members. In order to be returned to the rolls you must make reparations.
FormID: 0001E863 TGExpelled TGCastOutTopic 1 Are you ready to pay the fine?
FormID: 0001E864 TGExpelled TGCastOutTopic 0 The hunter has performed foul deeds upon other members of the pride. The Thieves Guild prohibits murder, assault and theft against fellow members.
FormID: 0001E864 TGExpelled TGCastOutTopic 1 The pride casts out the hunter until the fine is paid. Is the hunter prepared to pay the fine?
FormID: 0001EFC3 TGExpelled TGCastOutTopic 0 I heard what you did. So did the guild Doyens. You've been cast out of the Thieves Guild.
__あなたが何をしたか聞きましたよ、ギルドのDoyen達からね。あなたはThieves Guildを追い出されたそうですね。
FormID: 0001EFC3 TGExpelled TGCastOutTopic 1 Go talk to Armand or S'krivva. Pay the fine and you'll be reinstated.

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