FormID: 000A7156 TGGrayCowlBlocker HELLO 0 You must be the Gray Fox. Your reputation precedes you, as I'm sure you know.
__君はGray Foxに違いないな。君の評判はよく聞いているよ、承知の上だろうけどね。
FormID: 0003AB30 TGGrayCowlBlocker HELLO 0 You're the Gray Fox! Please don't hurt me!
__あんたはGray Fox! 頼む、殺さないでくれ!
FormID: 0003AB37 TGGrayCowlBlocker HELLO 0 It's the Gray Fox! I can't believe it's really you!
__Gray Fox! 本当にあなたなのか!
FormID: 0003AB3A TGGrayCowlBlocker HELLO 0 You're the Gray Fox! Thank you for everything you've done to help us here in the waterfront.
__あなたはGray Fox! このWaterfrontで我々を支援してくれた事に全てに感謝したい。
FormID: 0003AB3C TGGrayCowlBlocker HELLO 0 You're the Gray Fox!
__あなたはGray Fox!
FormID: 000A7154 TGGrayCowlBlocker GREETING 0 Well, well. The Gray Fox, in person.
__これはこれは。Gray Fox御自ら。
FormID: 000A80AC TGGrayCowlBlocker GREETING 0 The new Gray Fox. The cowl suits you. Me? I am much happier without it.
__新しいGray Foxよ。Cowlがよく似合うぞ。私か? 私はそれを手放してとても幸せだよ。
FormID: 000A80AE TGGrayCowlBlocker GREETING 0 Leave my husband and I alone, Gray Fox. Your presence only stirs up evil memories.
__私と夫の前から去りなさいGray Fox。あなたの存在は嫌な記憶を呼び起こすだけなのです。
FormID: 0003C8B5 TGGrayCowlBlocker GREETING 0 As I live and breathe! The Gray Fox! It's an honor.
__こりゃ、驚いた!Gray Fox!名誉な事だねぇ!
FormID: 0003C8B6 TGGrayCowlBlocker GREETING 0 The infamous Gray Fox! You're the most famous thief in the world!
__あの悪名高いGray Foxか!あんたは世界一有名なシーフだよ!
__あの悪名高いGray Foxか!あんたは世界一有名なthiefだよ!
FormID: 0003AB33 TGGrayCowlBlocker GREETING 0 Even though you are the Gray Fox, I'm going to look the other way this time.
__たとえお前がGray Foxだとしても、今回は見なかったことにしよう。

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