Vanilla/Dialogue/MS02 のバックアップ(No.2)

FormID: 0000BCD2 MS02 INFOGENERAL 0 I swear that when I passed by Benirus Manor last night, I heard someone scream from inside. Velwyn Benirus will never sell that deathtrap!
__昨夜、Benirus邸の脇を通り過ぎたとき、中で誰かが叫び声をあげたのを確かに聞きました。Velwyn Benirusが死の罠を売ることはもう二度とないだろうよ!
FormID: 0000BCD1 MS02 INFOGENERAL 0 I heard that Velwyn Benirus is trying to sell off Benirus Manor. Hopefully the new owners will clean that eyesore up.
__Velwyn BenirusがBenirus邸を売ろうとしていると聞いたよ。願わくば新しいオーナーがあの目障りなものを取り払ってほしいね。
FormID: 0000BCBC MS02 GOODBYE 0 Good luck to you.
FormID: 0000BCBD MS02 GOODBYE 0 Gotta run!
FormID: 0000BCBF MS02 GOODBYE 0 As soon as this opens, I'm leaving.
FormID: 0000BCC0 MS02 GOODBYE 0 Did you hear a noise?
FormID: 0000BCC2 MS02 GOODBYE 0 Let's be done with this.
FormID: 0000BCC5 MS02 GOODBYE 0 Farewell.
FormID: 0000BCC7 MS02 GOODBYE 0 I'll see you in Anvil.
FormID: 0000BCCA MS02 GOODBYE 0 Goodbye.
FormID: 0000BCCC MS02 GOODBYE 0 Congratulations on your buy!
FormID: 0000BCD3 MS02 GOODBYE 0 Enjoy the manor.
FormID: 0000BCE6 MS02 GOODBYE 0 Don't wait too long to decide.
FormID: 0000BF56 MS02 HELLO 0 The lifter of curses returns!
__The lifter of curses は戻る!
FormID: 0000BCC3 MS02 HELLO 0 Meet you at The Count's Arms. Good luck.
__Count's Armsで会おう。幸運を祈る。
FormID: 0000BCC4 MS02 HELLO 0 Whew. That was scary.
FormID: 0000BCC6 MS02 HELLO 0 Just hold the ghosts off while I figure out how to open this damn door.
FormID: 0000BCC8 MS02 HELLO 0 What was that?
FormID: 0000BCC9 MS02 HELLO 0 This isn't my idea of a good time.
FormID: 0000BCCB MS02 HELLO 0 I'm ready as I'll ever be.
FormID: 0000BCCF MS02 HELLO 0 Yes?
FormID: 0000BCD0 MS02 HELLO 0 Oh! Errr... Hello.
FormID: 0000BCD4 MS02 HELLO 0 You traveled a great distance to find me.
FormID: 0000BCD6 MS02 HELLO 0 Ah... you've returned.
FormID: 0000BCE3 MS02 HELLO 0 Hello, good sir.
FormID: 0000BCE4 MS02 HELLO 0 Hello, good lady.
FormID: 00003A64 MS02 GREETING 0 I'm sorry for running away like that, but fear got the best of me.
FormID: 00003A64 MS02 GREETING 1 I'm glad you talked me into coming with you. Now that the curse has been lifted, I feel like I've taken care of my family's unfinished business.
__共に来るように私を説得してくれたのが嬉しいよ。 呪いが取り除かれた今、私の一族が終わらせられなかった仕事を手伝えたんだから。
FormID: 00003A64 MS02 GREETING 2 Excellent work, my friend. May the manor give you many years of happiness. I'm now off to the Imperial City once more. Farewell!
FormID: 00003A65 MS02 GREETING 0 I'm pleased we were able to get that secret door open, but I fear I can no longer assist you here. I'll wait for you at The Count's Arms.
__隠し扉を開けることができて良かったよ、だけどもうここで貴方を助けられそうにないんじゃないかな。Count's Armsで貴方を待っているよ。
FormID: 0000BCBE MS02 GREETING 0 Not much more I can do to help you.
FormID: 0000945E MS02 GREETING 0 Okay, you lead from here. Hopefully we can make it to the basement without too much fighting.
FormID: 0000945F MS02 GREETING 0 Lead on.
FormID: 0000A0D9 MS02 GREETING 0 Did you want to continue to the manor?
FormID: 00003A66 MS02 GREETING 0 I was half expecting you not to show up. Are you ready to go to the manor?
FormID: 00009271 MS02 GREETING 0 Are you ready to go to the manor?
FormID: 00003A67 MS02 GREETING 0 As I said, I'll meet you back in Anvil as soon as I can. I won't be traveling with you as I'm making my own arrangements.
FormID: 00003A68 MS02 GREETING 0 I'm surprised to see you all the way out here in the Imperial City.
FormID: 00009C2A MS02 GREETING 0 You're a persistent one.
FormID: 00003A69 MS02 GREETING 0 You got quite a deal on that house.
FormID: 00003A6B MS02 GREETING 0 That manor is still for sale if you're interested.
FormID: 00003A6A MS02 GREETING 0 Hello, I am Velwyn Benirus. If you're in the market, I'm selling a manor house right now for a very good price.
__こんにちは、 Velwyn Benirusです。買い物に来られたのなら、ちょうど邸宅を実に良い価格で売りに出しているところです。
__こんにちは、Velwyn Benirusです。買い物に来られたのなら、ちょうど邸宅を実に良い価格で売りに出しているところです。
FormID: 0001E894 MS02 GREETING 0 You wouldn't happen to be in the market for a home would you? If you are, I just happen to be selling a manor located right here in Anvil.
__あなたはもしかして、売家を求めて市場に行くのでは無いですか? もしそうなら、私もちょうど都合の良いことに、ここAnvilにある邸宅を売ろうと思っているところなのです。
FormID: 00003A61 MS02 LifttheCurse 0 Now that the secret door is open, the manor is quiet; perhaps the curse has been lifted. You should check.
FormID: 00009270 MS02 LifttheCurse 0 I hope that whatever's behind the door will truly lift the curse. I'd hate to risk harm for nothing.
FormID: 00003A62 MS02 LifttheCurse 0 According to the diary entry, it seems that I'm the only one who can open the secret door in the manor.
FormID: 00003A62 MS02 LifttheCurse 1 And I can't help feeling slightly guilty selling you the place under these circumstances. I'll meet you in Anvil at The Count's Arms.
FormID: 00003A62 MS02 LifttheCurse 2 From there we'll try to lift the curse together.
FormID: 00003A63 MS02 LifttheCurse 0 I'm sorry; I can't help you with the curse. You bought the house; you'll have to deal with it.
FormID: 0000BCD5 MS02 LorgrenBenirus 0 May his soul finally rest in peace.
FormID: 00003A71 MS02 LorgrenBenirus 0 Lorgren Benirus was a strange old man, always dabbling and experimenting with magic.
FormID: 00003A71 MS02 LorgrenBenirus 1 He was mostly harmless, until the fateful day he came across a tome bearing the evil magic of necromancy.
FormID: 00003A71 MS02 LorgrenBenirus 2 He became obsessed and decided that by using necromancy, he could prolong his own life.
FormID: 00003A71 MS02 LorgrenBenirus 3 The dark arts contained in the tome called for him to dig up the recently deceased in the nearby crypts under the cathedral.
FormID: 00003A71 MS02 LorgrenBenirus 4 When it was discovered that he did this, the Mages Guild called for a quick meeting to decide what to do. It only took minutes to decide.
FormID: 00003A71 MS02 LorgrenBenirus 5 Led by a young upstart named Carahil, the Mages Guild stormed Benirus Manor and slew Lorgren. However, amid the chaos, his body vanished.
FormID: 00003A71 MS02 LorgrenBenirus 6 Because of this, the people of Anvil concluded the manor must be cursed. You are the first person to set foot inside in a long time.
FormID: 00003A6F MS02 MS02ManorBuyChoice2 0 Well, I'll be here every day from noon until midnight. Let me know if you change your mind.
FormID: 00003A70 MS02 MS02ManorBuyChoice2 0 Well, I'll be at The Count's Arms every day from noon until midnight. Let me know if you change your mind.
__そうか、俺は毎晩夕方から夜中までThe Count's Armsにいるからさ、気が変わったら言ってくれよな。
FormID: 0000A1C5 MS02 MS02ManorBuyChoice1 0 Hey! You don't even have enough money! Stop wasting my time and come back when you do.
FormID: 00003A6E MS02 MS02ManorBuyChoice1 0 Excellent! Here's the key to the front door and the deed of ownership. I hope you enjoy your new home.
FormID: 00003A6E MS02 MS02ManorBuyChoice1 1 Now, if you'll excuse me, I must attend to those pressing matters I spoke of earlier. Good day.
FormID: 00003A5A MS02 Manor 0 Opening the door seems to have stopped the ghost attacks. Perhaps I'll leave you to the rest of this mission since my part is done.
FormID: 0000BCD7 MS02 Manor 0 I got the door open. The rest is up to you.
FormID: 00003A5B MS02 Manor 0 This place makes me uneasy. Let's tread wisely and make our way quickly to the basement.
FormID: 00003A5C MS02 Manor 0 I'll be glad to get this over with and get back to the Imperial City.
__全て片付いて何よりだ。Imperial Cityに戻るとするよ。
FormID: 00003A5D MS02 Manor 0 So you think I'm responsible? I suppose you're right, as the manor used to belong my grandfather, Lorgren Benirus.
FormID: 00003A5D MS02 Manor 1 I knew there was a curse on that place which is why I sold it to you so cheap. I suppose I should've warned you, but I had to get out of Anvil.
FormID: 00003A5D MS02 Manor 2 My family said I could move here to the Imperial City once all our loose ends were tied down. The manor was one of those loose ends.
__うちの家族がね、うちらのさ、やり残したことを全部片付ければここからImperial Cityに越していいって言うんだ。あの邸宅はそのやり残したことの一つさ。
FormID: 00003A5D MS02 Manor 3 I fear my own greed got the better of my judgment. I hope you weren't hurt badly in that horrible place.
FormID: 00003A5D MS02 Manor 4 I suppose I assumed you'd be able to lift the curse and be done with it.
FormID: 00003A5E MS02 Manor 0 Sorry. But how is this my problem?
FormID: 00003A60 MS02 Manor 0 You already bought the manor, and I have nothing more to say about it.
FormID: 00003A6C MS02 Manor 0 Yes, I'm selling my grandfather's house, Benirus Manor. If you're interested, I could let you have it for a modest sum.
FormID: 00003A6C MS02 Manor 1 I have to sell it soon, as I have pressing matters elsewhere. You're welcome to take a look at it. It is located across the street from the Chapel.
FormID: 00003A6C MS02 Manor 2 Once you buy, you get the key to the front door and the deed of ownership. That's the deal. Would you like to buy it now?
FormID: 00003A6D MS02 Manor 0 If you want to buy Benirus Manor, it's still available for a modest price. No questions asked please. Interested?
FormID: 0000927A MS02 MS02VelwynEscortChoice2 0 Well, when you're ready, you know where to find me.
FormID: 00009279 MS02 MS02VelwynEscortChoice1 0 Then let's get this over with. I don't relish the thought of spending too long inside of the manor. Follow me.
FormID: 0000926B MS02 VelwynBenirusTopic 0 Yes, he just arrived in town recently. I believe he's staying at The King and Queen Tavern.
__そう、彼はつい最近街にやってきたのです。彼ならKing and Queen酒場に居ると思いますよ。
FormID: 0000926C MS02 VelwynBenirusTopic 0 I believe I heard a Benirus is in town. You should check out the Elven Gardens District. A Benirus wouldn't be seen anywhere else.
FormID: 0000926D MS02 VelwynBenirusTopic 0 As soon as you bought the place, he pretty much up and left. I hear tell he's making his way to the Imperial City.
__あなたに家を売って間もなく、彼は居なくなったよ。聞いた話では、彼はImperial Cityに向かったとか。
FormID: 0000926F MS02 VelwynBenirusTopic 0 I'm not sure where he went, but I would ask at The Count's Arms. If anyone knows where he is, it would be someone there.
__彼がどこに行ったかは知らないけど、私ならCount's Armsで聞くだろうね。彼の行き先を知っている人が居るなら、それはあの店にいる誰かだろうね。
FormID: 00009273 MS02 VelwynBenirusTopic 0 That layabout? You can find him wasting time at The Count's Arms.
FormID: 0000A0DB MS02 MS02VelwynEscChoice2 0 I'll wait here until you're ready.
FormID: 0000A0DA MS02 MS02VelwynEscChoice1 0 Good. I want to get this over with as soon as possible.
FormID: 0006E7F5 MS02 LorgrenLichSpeech 0 It never fails to amuse me how easy mortal man is to manipulate.
FormID: 0006E7F6 MS02 LorgrenLichSpeech 0 You've assisted me in completing the very thing Carahil and his cabal sought to prevent all those years ago... my ascension to immortality.
FormID: 0006E7F7 MS02 LorgrenLichSpeech 0 Last time I clashed with mortals, I underestimated their power. I shall not repeat that mistake twice.
FormID: 0006E7F8 MS02 LorgrenLichSpeech 0 I live... again! Hahahaha!
__私は再び命を得た! ふはははは!
FormID: 0006E7F0 MS02 LorgrenSpeech 0 I am Lorgren Benirus, and I desire the chance to atone for my sins.
__私はLorgren Benirus。我が罪を償う機会を望んでいます。
FormID: 0006E7F1 MS02 LorgrenSpeech 0 The things I've done to the people of Anvil; the horrible, unspeakable acts I've committed demand repentance.
FormID: 0006E7F2 MS02 LorgrenSpeech 0 Carahil was justified in his actions. Slaying me was the only way to stop the madness. I have accepted that fate.
FormID: 0006E7F3 MS02 LorgrenSpeech 0 Now, so I may make my final peace with the Nine, please rejoin my hand to my body. Only then, when I am complete, will this eternal nightmare end.

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