FormID: 000289FB Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 I'm not sure if you're really concerned for the kid or trying to convince me he's a murderer. Either way, I ain't listenin'.
FormID: 000289FC Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 I'm not sure what to think of the kid anymore. All I know is that two of the guests have been murdered, and he's just dandy. Makes you wonder.
FormID: 000289FD Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 Let me ask you something, friend. Why is Primo even here? The rest of us need the money, but his family is wealthy beyond measure.
__ちょいと質問をするぜ、相棒。なんでPrimoはまだここにいるんだ? 奴を除いて俺達には金が必要だ、だが奴の家は途方もねぇ金持ちなんだ。
FormID: 000289FD Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 1 Maybe he was bored, or maybe he just wanted to do some slumming. Or maybe he's a trained assassin hired to kill us all, one by one.
FormID: 000289FD Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 2 Sound crazy? Well these are crazy times, my friend.
__おかしいか? そうだよ、おかしな事ばかり起きてんだよ、相棒。
FormID: 000289FE Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 By Ysmir, you've got nerve! Three people are dead! What, are you trying to turn me against Primo now?
__まじかよ、図太い野郎だな! 三人が死んだんだぞ! 何だ、今度はこの俺をPrimoと対立させようってか?
FormID: 000289FF Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 This is madness! There are now only three of us left -- myself, you and Primo. I know I'm not the killer, but what about Primo? What about you?
__こんなのは狂気の沙汰だ! 今残ってるのはたったの三人だ -- この俺と、お前とPrimoだ。もちろん俺は犯人じゃねぇ、だがPrimoは? お前はどうなんだ?
FormID: 00028A00 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 Besides you and me, he's the only one left! By Ysmir, that boy will pay for what he's done! Come, we must kill Primo before he kills us!
__お前と俺の他に、残ってるのは奴だけだ! Ysmirよ、あの小僧は己れの行為の代償を払うことになる! さぁ、奴に殺される前に俺達でPrimoを仕留めるんだ!
FormID: 00028A01 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 The lad's dead, you uncaring fool! Now get away from me before you join him!
__やつは死んだよ、この思いやりのねぇ馬鹿野郎め! 奴と同じ目に会いたくねぇなら俺の前から消えろ!
FormID: 00028A02 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 That poor boy didn't deserve to die. He was rich! He had no business even being here, looking for treasure that might not even exist.
__あの不幸な坊やが死ぬ理由なんてなかった。あいつは金持ちだった! ここにいる理由すらなく、存在すら怪しいお宝を探す理由もなかったんだ。
FormID: 00028A03 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 Primo being here made no sense. Whoever our host is, why would he invite someone who didn't even need the money?
FormID: 00028A03 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 1 It's as if we were invited for another reason altogether. Think about it. We're trapped in this house, with no way out. And now people start dying.
FormID: 00028A03 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 2 I think poor Primo was tricked, just like the rest of us. If we're not careful we'll end up dead too. You mark my words.
FormID: 00028D2D Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 He's young, rich and handsome. Basically the complete opposite of you.
FormID: 00028D2E Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 He's young, rich and handsome. That's way out of your league, tramp.
FormID: 00028D2F Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 Primo's a blue blood, a noble through-and-through. He thinks he's better than most people, and in most cases he's right.
FormID: 00028D30 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 I'll confess that I have no idea why Primo is here. The kid's got more wealth than the rest of us combined. He sure doesn't need a chest of gold.
FormID: 00028D30 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 1 Maybe he's incredibly greedy, but I don't think so. My guess is that Primo is so bored he simply has nothing better to do.
FormID: 00028F44 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 I hope you're not suggesting that Primo is the murderer? I'm the trained investigator here. Just keep your mouth shut and stay out of my way.
__Primoが人殺しだとは言ってほしくはないんだが? 捜査の訓練を受けているのはこの私だ。口を閉ざし余計な邪魔立てはしないでくれ。
FormID: 00028F45 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 Well, when somebody gets murdered, everyone nearby could be considered a suspect. That includes young Primo.
FormID: 00028F46 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 To be honest, my instincts tell me the kid isn't the killer. Sure he's a bit obnoxious, but that doesn't make him capable of murder.
FormID: 00028F47 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 I don't really know what you're trying to accomplish, but questioning me about Primo with two people lying dead just makes me suspect you even more.
FormID: 00028F48 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 Primo may be young, but he's no fool. He knows that the murder of two innocent people doesn't bode well for his own safety.
FormID: 00028F49 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 Primo may be young, but he looks strong, and I'm sure he could handle himself in a fight. I think I'm going to enlist his help.
FormID: 00028F49 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 1 I'll talk to Primo, give him a bit of encouragement. If he and I are vigilant, we may prevent the killer from claiming another victim.
FormID: 00028F4A Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 I've come across your kind before. People get murdered, and you ask questions. It's a sure sign of a killer with a guilty conscience. Watch yourself.
FormID: 00028F4B Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 All right, I'll be honest. I'm not quite sure what to think about Primo anymore. My list of suspects is getting pretty damned small as it is.
FormID: 00028F4C Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 It's all starting to make sense now. Primo didn't need the money. He has more than any of us. Enough, in fact, to give away an entire chest of gold!
FormID: 00028F4C Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 1 That rich little bastard lured us all here by appealing to our greed! Don't you see? He considers us all low class, and wants us exterminated!
__あの金持ちの食わせ者のガキは我々の欲に付け込みここに誘い込んだんだ! 分からんか? 我々を下賤の者達と見下し、我々が皆殺しにされることを望んでいるのだ!
FormID: 00028F4C Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 2 That high-born little worm won't get away with this! He'll pay with his life! Come on, you watch my back. I'm going to take Primo down!
__あの貴族の蛆虫の思い通りにはさせん! 奴にはその命と共に償いをしてもらうぞ! さぁ、私の背後をカバーしてくれ。Primoを倒しに行くんだ!
FormID: 0002948D Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 He was a young man and now he's dead, slaughtered like a lamb. I've got my eyes on you, stranger. Don't you forget that.
FormID: 0002948E Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 I'm still putting the pieces together. Was Primo murdered for his money? Was it something about the chest of gold? I'm not sure yet, but I'm close.
__今はまだ情報を繋ぎ合わせている最中だ。Primoの金が目当てで殺されたのか? ゴールドのチェスト絡みなのか? まだはっきりしないが、後少しの所だ。
__今はまだ情報を繋ぎ合わせている最中だ。Primoの金が目当てで殺されたのか? 金貨のチェスト絡みなのか? まだはっきりしないが、後少しの所だ。
FormID: 0002948F Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 Primo was a young man, strong and full of life. Surely he would have been able to defend himself against an attacker.
FormID: 00027994 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 Oh, that man disgusts me! I find his entire manner offensive. Why, just before you got here he told the most off-color joke about an Argonian maid.
__もう、あの男むかつくわね! 何をやってもその態度が癪にさわるわ。だってね、貴方がここに来る少し前、Argonianのメイドの事で物凄くたちの悪い冗談を言ったのよ。
FormID: 00028177 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 He's a Nord. Mead-swilling barbarians, all of them.
FormID: 00028178 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 He reminds me of you. Uncultured, unwashed and generally uninteresting.
FormID: 00028179 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 Even if I do think Nels is the killer, I wouldn't share my thoughts with the likes of you.
FormID: 0002817A Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 He's an obnoxious drunkard, I know, but I'm not sure if I see him as the murdering type.
FormID: 0002817B Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 You think Nels might be the killer? He plays the buffoon, but it could all be an act. He is a Nord, and they're such a savage, uncivilized people.
__Nelsが人殺しじゃないかって思うの? 道化を演じているけど、それが全て演技という事もあり得るわね。彼はNord、とても粗暴で野蛮な奴等よ。
FormID: 0002817C Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 Why are you trying to turn me against the Nord? Maybe you did, and you're just trying to cover your tracks!
__どうして私とNordを対立させようとしているの? まさかあんたの仕業で、証拠を隠そうとしているのね!
FormID: 0002817D Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 Well, the list of suspects is certainly getting smaller. I didn't think the swine had it in him, but now I'm not so sure.
FormID: 0002817E Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 Two people dead, yet Nels still lives? I don't think that's a coincidence. Nords are savages, born to kill. I just know he did it!
__二人も死んだにもかかわらず、Nelsはまだ生きてるわよね? これは偶然じゃないわ。Nordは野蛮で、生まれ付いての人殺しよ。あの男の仕業だとハッきり分かったわ!
FormID: 0002817F Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 My feelings about the Nord are my own business! Leave me be!
__Nordをどう思うかは私の勝手でしょ! そっとしておいてちょうだい!
FormID: 00028180 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 You and Nels... both still alive. One of you is a cold-blooded killer! I... I never did trust that Nord....
__あんたとNordは…二人ともまだ生きている。その一人が冷酷な殺人鬼よ! 私…あのNordは全く信用してこなかったわ…
FormID: 00028181 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 Oh, please! Save me! Save me from that savage! He'll kill me and then feast on my flesh! That's what Nords do! Please, I don't want to die!
__ああ、お願い! 助けて! あの野蛮人から私を助けてちょうだい! あいつは私を殺し肉を食らうつもりだわ! それがNordよ! お願い、死にたくないの!
FormID: 00028182 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 He was a buffoon, but I didn't wish him dead, you cold-hearted villain!
FormID: 00028183 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 All right, so I didn't care much for the man. That doesn't mean I wanted him dead.
FormID: 00028184 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 So, Nels is dead. I don't condone murder, of course, but I can't say he'll be missed. As a rule, I find Nords rather... vulgar.
FormID: 0002822F Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 It's none of your business how I feel about him.
FormID: 00028230 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 I wonder what makes him so [QUOTE]Naughty[QUOTE]? He seems nice enough to me.
__何で彼はそんなに[QUOTE]やんちゃ[QUOTE]なのかしら? 私には結構いい人みたいよ。
FormID: 00028231 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 Every now and then he looks over at me and smiles. I think he's sweet on me. If Nels finds the gold, maybe he'll want some company.
FormID: 00028240 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 So, you think Nels did it, do you? I would appreciate you keeping your opinions to yourself.
__そう、あんたはNelsの仕業だと思ってるのね? その話を黙っててくれれば有り難いんだけど。
FormID: 00028241 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 I don't know what to make of all this, but I'm not sure I see Nels as a murderer.
FormID: 00028242 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 Do you think he could have done it? He comes across as something of a drunk, but you never can tell what someone is capable of.
__彼なら人を殺しかねないって? 酔っ払いって感じだけど、人のやる事なんてあんたには分からないでしょ。
FormID: 00028243 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 Look, I don't know who is responsible for this madness, so stop trying to taint my opinion of Nels.
FormID: 00028244 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 I just don't know what to make of Nels anymore. He plays the bumbling drunkard, but he could very well be the killer.
FormID: 00028245 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 Can I be honest with you? Nels won't stop looking at me. At first I was flattered. But now he's scaring me! He could be the killer! I could be next!
__正直に打ち明けていい? Nelsが私をずっと見てるの。最初は嬉しかったわ。でも今は怖いのよ! 彼が殺人犯かも! 次は私が狙われるんだわ!
FormID: 00028246 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 Either you or Nels is the killer! I can't trust either of you, so just stay away from me!
__あんたかNelsが殺人犯だわ! 二人とも信用できないわ、ちょっと私から離れてちょうだい!
FormID: 00028247 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 Please, just leave me alone! Either you or Nels is a murderer. I just don't know who to trust anymore!
__お願い、私を一人にしてちょうだい! 貴方かNelsが人殺しだわ。もう誰を信じていいか分からないのよ!
FormID: 00028248 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 It's Nels! He's the murderer! We have to get him before he gets us! Do you understand what I'm saying? We have to kill Nels!
__Nelsよ! あいつが人殺しだわ! 殺される前にやらなきゃダメよ! 私の言ってることが分かる? Nelsを殺すのよ!
FormID: 00028249 Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 Don't you even care that Nels is dead? Maybe you killed him!
__Nelsが死んだ事を気にすら掛けないの? もしかしてあんたが彼を殺したのね!
FormID: 0002824A Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 The way he looked at me. It was flattering at first, and then... oh, who could have done this? Why would anyone kill Nels?
__ずっと彼は私を見ていた。初めは嬉しかったわ、その上…ああ、こんな事が誰にできるの? どうしてNelsを殺したの?
FormID: 0002826D Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 To be honest, I started getting a bad feeling about Nels. But now he's dead! I... I should have gotten to know him better. Now it's too late.
__正直言って、Nelsをだんだん気味悪く感じていたわ。けれどもう彼は死んだの! 私は…彼の事をもっとよく知るべきだった。今はもう手遅れだわ。
FormID: 000286DB Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 He's a Nord. Even a complete idiot could see that. So what does that say about you?
FormID: 000286DC Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 There's something about Nels I can't quite place. He's not from money, that's obvious. But I don't think he's quite the buffoon he seems, either.
FormID: 000286DD Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 Nels is a drunk. He's doesn't even try to hide that fact. But what else is he? When the liquor has dried, what remains of the man?
__Nelsは酔っ払いだ。その事実を隠そうとすらしてないよ。それ以外に何があるんだ? 酒が切れたら、あの男には何も残らないだろ?
FormID: 000286DD Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 1 I think Nels drinks to forget, maybe about some tragedy in his life. He plays the buffoon, but I sense a deep sadness in him.
FormID: 000286DE Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 Are you trying to insinuate that Nels might be the killer? Maybe I think you did it. After all, murder is a common crime of the... low-born.
__Nelsを殺人犯とでも吹き込んでいるつもりかい? 僕は恐らくあんたの仕業だと考えている。結局、殺人なんてよくある犯罪だよ…下賤の者にはね。
FormID: 000286ED Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 Nels seems just as unnerved as the rest of us that someone has been killed, but he seems to find solace in a bottle.
FormID: 000286EE Dark08Whodunit NelsTheNaughtyTopic 0 Before the body turned up, I got the sense that Nels was a bit of a drunkard. But he seems truly unnerved now, and is drinking rather excessively.

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