FormID: 00028A07 Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 1 My daughter was killed, you see. A few years back, by bandits. I'm sorry, please forgive a father's heavy heart.
FormID: 00028A08 Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 You want to talk to me about Dovesi? Someone's been murdered, you idiot! There are more important matters to discuss right now!
__Dovesiの事で話がしたいだと? 人が殺されたんだぞ、この間抜け! 今はもっと大事な話があるだろう!
FormID: 00028A09 Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 The poor lass looks upset. But if she's anything like my daughter, she's tougher than she looks. She'll be all right.
FormID: 00028A0A Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 Let me tell you something. If anyone thinks they're going to hurt that poor Dark Elf girl, they're going to have to get through me first.
__一つ言っておくぜ。誰かがあの哀れなDARK ELFの少女を傷つけようと考えてるなら、まずはこの俺を倒して行く必要があるだろうな。
__一つ言っておくぜ。誰かがあの哀れなDark Elfの少女を傷つけようと考えてるなら、まずはこの俺を倒して行く必要があるだろうな。
FormID: 00028A0B Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 Two people are dead, you pathetic little worm. Take your gossip mongering someplace else.
FormID: 00028A0C Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 She's frightened, of course. No one that young should be exposed to such horrors.
FormID: 00028A0D Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 So far the killer has claimed two victims. If they plan on adding Dovesi to that list, they can think again. I won't let any harm come to that girl.
FormID: 00028A0E Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 Only three of us left, and one of us is a murderer. Do you expect me to believe it's that sweet girl? You murdering scum! I'll kill you!
__俺達の内の三人が死に、残った者の一人が人殺しだ。俺にあの可愛い少女が殺人犯だと信じ込ませるつもりか? この人殺しのクズめ! 殺してやる!
FormID: 00028A0F Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 She's afraid for her life, as we should be! There's someone else in this house, my friend. Someone hiding somewhere, killing us off one by one!
__彼女は自分の身を案じている、俺達と一緒だ! この家には他に誰かがいるぞ、相棒。誰かが何処かに隠れていて、俺達を一人一人殺していやがるんだ!
FormID: 00028A10 Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 I swear to you, my friend, if anyone tries to harm that sweet girl I will tear them limb from limb! Whoever killed the others will strike again.
__誓ってもいいぜ、相棒。もし誰かかあの可愛い少女を傷つけようとしたら、俺はそいつ等を八つ裂きにしてやる! みんなを手に掛けた連中だ、また襲ってくるはずだ。
__誓ってもいいぜ、相棒。もし誰かがあの可愛い少女を傷つけようとしたら、俺はそいつ等を八つ裂きにしてやる! みんなを手に掛けた連中だ、また襲ってくるはずだ。
FormID: 00028A10 Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 1 They're getting into this house somehow, which means there must be a way out as well! We need to find the secret exit and escape this madhouse!
__何らかの方法で奴等はこの家に入って来た、つまり必ず出る手立てがあるということだ! 秘密の出口を見つけ出し、この狂った家から脱出するんだ!
FormID: 00028A11 Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 Who could have done this? Who could have killed a sweet, innocent girl? Was it you? So help me, if I find out you're the one who did this....
__一体誰にこんな事をできるんだ? 一体誰に可愛くて無邪気な少女を殺せるというのだ? お前か? 神に誓って、犯行がお前の仕業だと突き止めてやる…
FormID: 00028A12 Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 I..I can't believe she's dead. Seeing her body lying there.... It's like my poor daughter all over again.
__俺は…あの娘が死んだなんて信じられん。そこで彼女の死体を見た時… もう一度俺の哀れな娘を見ているようだったよ。
FormID: 00028A13 Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 No... no! When I looked into Dovesi's face it was like peering at my own daughter. I... I feel like I've lost her all over again.
__そんな… くそ! Dovesiの顔を覗き込んだとき、まるで俺の娘を見ている様だった。俺は…もう一度娘を失ったような気がするよ。
FormID: 00028CDC Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 She's a Dark Elf. What, you blind as well as dumb?
__Dark Elfだよ。何だ? お前は頭が悪い上に目も不自由なのか?
FormID: 00028CDD Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 Dovesi is a Dark Elf. They call themselves Dunmer. When I was young, I spent some time stationed at Fort Moonmoth on their homeland of Morrowind.
__DovesiはDark Elfだ。彼等は自らをDunmerと呼んでいるよ。私の若かりし頃、彼等のMorrowindの母国にあるFort Moonmothにしばらく駐屯していたんだ。
FormID: 00028CDD Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 1 I have a great respect for the Dunmer people. They are strong and noble, and generally understand the importance of law and discipline.
FormID: 00028CDD Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 2 Unfortunately, Dovesi doesn't seem to like me very much. But I don't blame her. The young ones tend to have problems with authority figures.
FormID: 00028CDE Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 Ah yes, Dovesi Dran. She's a Dark Elf, originally from Morrowind, or so I hear. I get the sense she doesn't like me very much.
__ああそうだ、Dovesi Dranね。彼女はDark Elfだ、もともとはMorrowind出身のね、少なくとも私はそう聞いてるよ。私の事はあまり好きではない感じはするがね。
FormID: 00028CDF Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 I'm not sure I like your line of questioning, friend. Someone's been killed. Show a little respect.
FormID: 00028CE0 Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 Dovesi's upset by the murder but she'll be okay. I get the sense she's seen worse things in her life.
FormID: 00028CE1 Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 Right now my main concern is figuring out who the killer is. She may be young, but Dovesi is a suspect just like everyone else.
FormID: 00028CE1 Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 1 I've seen enough in my time to know that anyone is capable of murder if they have the right motivation.
FormID: 00028CE2 Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 Why are you so concerned with my feelings toward a young Dark Elf girl? You wouldn't be so stupid as to try and turn me against her...
__なぜ私の意識を幼いDark Elfの娘に向かわせようと必死なんだ? 私と彼女を敵対させようとする程お前は愚かではないだろうに…
FormID: 00028CE3 Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 The girl's either upset that those people were killed or she's an excellent actress. She's still a suspect as far as I'm concerned.
FormID: 00028CE4 Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 You want my honest opinion? I think Nels is the killer. But I haven't yet ruled out that Dovesi may be working with him.
__私の正直な意見を聞きたいのか? 私はNelsが殺人犯だと考えている。だがDovesiが奴と共謀しているという線は排除していないがね。
FormID: 00028D31 Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 You want to know the truth? I thought for sure Nels was the killer. But with him dead, my bets are now on Dovesi.
__真相を聞きたいのか? 確かに私はNelsが殺人犯と考えていたよ。だが奴が死に、その考えはDovesiへと変わったのだ。
FormID: 00028D32 Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 I find it odd that so many people have been killed, yet the two of you still live. Looks to me like you two are working together.
FormID: 00028D33 Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 So, three of us left -- you, Dovesi and myself. The list of suspects is certainly getting smaller. With Nels dead, my eye is on Dovesi.
__そうだな、我々の内三人が残った -- お前とDovesi、そして私だ。容疑者のリストは確実に狭まっているぞ。Nelsの死で、私の視線はDovesiに注がれている。
FormID: 00028D34 Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 You've helped me come to my senses, friend. There's no time for evidence gathering, no time to collect proof! Dovesi is the murderer!
__お前のお陰で目が覚めたよ、友よ。証拠固めや、証拠を集めている時間はない! Dovesiが殺人犯だ!
FormID: 00028D34 Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 1 That little Dark Elf urchin killed three people in cold blood, and now she's going to try to kill us! We can't let that happen!
__あの幼いDark Elfの撥ね返りが冷酷に三人もの人々を殺し、さらに我々をも殺そうとしている! 座して待つなどは無理な相談だ!
FormID: 00028D34 Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 2 Follow me, my friend, and watch my back. Dovesi must be brought to justice, and I'm the one to do it! Let's go!
__俺と来るんだ、我が友よ、私の背後を守ってくれ。Dovesiは法の裁きを受けなくてはならない、私ならやれる! いくぞ!
FormID: 00028D35 Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 I would have sworn with my life that Nels was the killer, but now he's dead as well! Dovesi is now my top suspect.
__必死になってNelsが殺人犯だと断言してしまう所だったが、今や奴も死んだ! Dovesiはこれで私の第一容疑者になったのだ。
FormID: 00028D36 Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 She was a child, and some sick murdering dog struck her down in cold blood. I swear, if I find out you did this I'll kill you with my bare hands.
FormID: 00028D37 Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 Dovesi couldn't have been any more than fifteen years old. What threat could she have posed? Why was she murdered? Damn it, I mean to find out!
__Dovesiはせいぜい15歳程だったろう。一体どんな脅威があったというのだ? なぜ殺される必要がある? くそっ、突き止めてやる!
FormID: 00028D38 Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 I was in the Legion for a great many years, my friend. I saw a lot of horrible things, including the murders of children.
FormID: 00028D38 Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 1 It made no sense then, it makes no sense now. But don't you worry. I vow to bring Dovesi's killer to justice!
FormID: 0007096D Dark08Whodunit DovesiDranTopic 0 She murdered all those innocent people, and I delivered justice, just like any Legion soldier would. I... I only did what I thought was right...
FormID: 00027991 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 From what I gathered, he's a retired soldier. He's been all across the Empire fighting in various campaigns. Goodness, he's handsome....
FormID: 00028169 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 What do you care? He seems like a very respectable person. That's more than I can say for you.
__何か気になって? 彼ならとても模範的な人物のようね。あんたよりもずっとよ。
FormID: 0002816A Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 Well, if I can be perfectly honest with you, I find Neville quite attractive. Redguards are so... exotic. Don't you think?
FormID: 0002816B Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 What, you don't think Neville is the killer, do you? That's absurd! He's a gentleman and a retired soldier, not a murderer!
__何? Nevilleが殺人犯じゃないかですって? ばかばかしい! 彼は紳士でしかも退役軍人よ、人殺しなんかじゃないわ!
FormID: 0002816C Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 Neville used to be a soldier. I'm sticking close to him. He makes me feel safe.
FormID: 0002816D Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 Neville has a strong sense of justice, I can tell. If we find out who the killer is, he'll take care of things, if you know what I mean.
FormID: 0002816E Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 You're trying to turn me against him, aren't you? Just leave me alone!
__彼と対立させようとしているのね? ちょっと私を一人にしてちょうだい!
FormID: 0002816F Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 I just don't know what to think anymore, or who to trust. Neville seems like such a decent man, but how can I know for sure?
FormID: 00028170 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 Do... do you think he could have done it? I mean, he is a retired soldier. He's killed before. Oh, dear, this can't be happening!
__あ…貴方は彼の犯行だと思っているの? つまり彼は退役軍人で、以前にも人を殺している。ああ、そんな…あり得ないわ!
FormID: 00028171 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 You want me to mistrust him, don't you! You want to turn me against him! Maybe... maybe you're the murderer!
__彼に疑いの目を向けさせたいのね! あんたは私と彼の対立を望んでいるわ! ひょっとして…ひょっとしてあんたが人殺しなんでしょ!
FormID: 00028172 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 I'm no murderer, so that means it's either you or Neville. Just stay away from me! I don't trust either one of you!
__私は人殺しじゃない、つまりそれはあんたかNeVilleのどちらかって事だわ。もう私に近づかないで! あんた達の誰も信じないわ!
FormID: 00028173 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 I know you're no killer. That means it's Neville! Oh, I'm so frightened! Please protect me from him!
__もちろん貴方は殺人犯なんかじゃないわ、という事はNevilleが犯人よ! ああ、私とっても怖いわ! お願い、彼から私を守って!
FormID: 00028174 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 He's dead, and one of you killed him! I hate you all!
__彼は死んだわ、しかもあんた達の中の一人が殺したんだわ! みんな大嫌いよ!
FormID: 00028175 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 I... I can't believe he's dead. Such a strong, handsome man...
FormID: 00028176 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 Why would one of us kill Neville? What if they try to get the rest of us? You'll protect me, won't you?
__どうして私達の中の一人がNevilleを殺したの? もしそいつが残された私達も殺そうしたらどうなるの? 私を守ってくれるんでしょ?
FormID: 00028259 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 I really don't know anything about him, so you'd be better off asking someone else.
FormID: 0002825A Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 He's a very serious man, but I guess that's normal for a retired soldier.
FormID: 0002825B Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 I know he's a retired soldier. But not just a soldier -- he was an officer in the Imperial Legion. I hate the Legion and everything it stands for.
__彼が退役軍人なのは知ってるわ、でもただの軍人じゃない -- Imperial Legionの将校だったのよ。私は軍隊やそれが力を貸すもの全てが嫌いなのよ。
FormID: 0002825B Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 1 When those soldiers came to Morrowind, they persecuted my people and stole our lands.
FormID: 0002825B Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 2 Neville may not be in the Legion anymore, but who knows what atrocities he committed.
FormID: 0002825C Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 I'm sorry, but someone has been murdered! I really don't want to talk about Neville right now.
__ごめんなさい、でも人が殺されたのよ! 今は本当にNevilleの事は話したくないの。
FormID: 0002825D Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 Does being a soldier make him a good person? Does it make him above murder? I hardly think so.
__軍人になる事で彼は真人間になったというの? 殺人なんかしないとでも? 私はそう思わないわ。
FormID: 0002825E Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 I heard the others talking. Neville was a soldier for twenty years. He's used to killing, if you know what I'm saying.
FormID: 0002825F Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 Two people are dead. Could he really have done it? I... I just don't know...
__二人が死んだわ。それって本当に彼の仕業なの? 私には…ちょっと分からないわ。
FormID: 00028260 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 Two people have been murdered, and neither of them was Neville. Watch your back around him.
FormID: 00028261 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 Neville is a trained killer! That fascist pig killed those people, I just know it!
__Nevilleは訓練された殺人鬼よ! あの国粋主義の豚野郎がみんなを殺害したんだわ、私には分かるのよ!
FormID: 00028262 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 He's the killer, you idiot! Can't you see? He murdered all of those people!
__彼が殺人犯よ、このお馬鹿さん! 分かんないの? 奴がみんなを殺したのよ!
FormID: 00028263 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 He's the killer! Don't you see? We have to protect ourselves! We'll be next!
__奴が殺人犯なのよ! 分かんないの? 自分の身は自分で守らないとダメよ! 次は私達の番かもしれないわ!
FormID: 00028264 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 He killed them! All of those people! We... we have to get him before he gets us! We have to kill that murdering swine!
__奴がみんなを殺したのよ! あの人達全員よ! わ…私達であいつを倒すの、やられる前にね! あの人殺しの卑怯者を殺すしかないのよ!
FormID: 00028265 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 No, I didn't like the man. But why should you care? Please, just go away.
__そうよ、あいつの事は好きじゃなかったわ。でもあんたが気にする必要があるの? お願い、あっちへ行ってくれない。
FormID: 00028266 Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 I... I don't understand. Who would kill him? And why? Is this about the gold?
__わ…私には分からないわ。誰が彼なんて殺すの? どうして? ゴールドのせいなの?
__わ…私には分からないわ。誰が彼なんて殺すの? どうして? 金貨のせいなの?
FormID: 0002826B Dark08Whodunit NevilleTopic 0 All right, so I didn't like Neville. But the man was a trained soldier. He knew how to handle himself. Who could possibly have killed him?

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