FormID: 00034894 Dark07Medicine GREETING 0 Roderick may lie near death, but dead he is not. Until his soul has passed, our client -- and Sithis -- will not be satisfied.
FormID: 00034895 Dark07Medicine GREETING 0 Ah, so you infiltrated Fort Sutch, remained undetected, and replaced the medicine with the poison I provided. You are truly a master of shadow!
FormID: 00034895 Dark07Medicine GREETING 1 It pleases me greatly to offer you this reward, and a well-earned bonus. Go now. Rest. I'll have another contract ready whenever you are.
FormID: 00034896 Dark07Medicine GREETING 0 Roderick is dead, and Sithis is appeased. Unfortunately, the same is not true of the client who arranged this contract.
FormID: 00034896 Dark07Medicine GREETING 1 You were to avoid detection and kill Roderick by means of poison, yet you failed to follow these parameters.
FormID: 00034896 Dark07Medicine GREETING 2 Here is your reward, minus any bonus. It would seem you and Gogron share a similar... style. Now go, and do be more careful in the future.
FormID: 0000C081 Dark07Medicine contract 0 It's uncertain exactly what illness Roderick has contracted. But don't worry, it's probably not contagious. He he he he he.
FormID: 0000C082 Dark07Medicine contract 0 Actually, I gave you this contract in the hope that whatever Roderick has is contagious, and you'll die a slow, lingering death in a matter of days.
FormID: 0000C083 Dark07Medicine contract 0 Fort Sutch? I am familiar with that place. It is nestled deep in the mountains. It is naturally well defended, but there is a weakness.
__Fort Sutchかい?_その場所には詳しいぜ。山の奥深くにそれは佇んでいるよ。自然の要害だが、弱点はある。
FormID: 0000C083 Dark07Medicine contract 1 Not far from from the ruins of Fort Sutch lie the ruins of a tower. That tower was once part of the Fort Sutch Abbey.
__Fort Sutchの遺跡からそう遠くない所に塔の遺跡がある。その塔は元々Fort Sutch Abbeyの一部だったんだ。
FormID: 0000C083 Dark07Medicine contract 2 The two ruins lie apart on the surface. But underground, they're connected by some now-flooded tunnels. Wet and dark, yes... but surely unguarded.
FormID: 0000C084 Dark07Medicine contract 0 Fort Sutch? It is an impregnable fortress surrounded by mountains. You'll never even get inside, let alone kill your target. Good luck.
__Fort Sutchだって? 山々に囲まれた難攻不落の要塞だ。獲物を殺すのはもちろん、中に入ることさえできないだろうな。まぁ頑張りな。
FormID: 0000C085 Dark07Medicine contract 0 What do you mean nobody can see you? Where's the fun in that? Damn the bonus, I say! Just walk in there and stab him!
__誰にも見られちゃいけねぇなんてどういうことだ? 何が楽しいんだよ? ボーナスなんて知ったことかあ、なぁ! 堂々と中に入って、奴を刺し殺しちまえ!
FormID: 0000C086 Dark07Medicine contract 0 Oh, this is going to be funny! You're going to be the first assassin in Dark Brotherhood history who couldn't even kill an invalid! Ha ha ha ha ha!
__おっ、これはおもしろくなりそうだ。テメェはDark BrotherHood史上初めて病人も殺せねぇアサシンになるんだな! がはははは!
__おっ、こいつはおもしろくなりそうだな!テメェはDark BrotherHood史上初めて病人も殺せねぇアサシンになるんだな! がはははは!
FormID: 0000C0A2 Dark07Medicine contract 0 Ah, now this is the type of contract I live for! You must become pure shadow. It's as if you were never there, and then Roderick simply... dies.
FormID: 0000C0A3 Dark07Medicine contract 0 This is an outrage! This contract should have gone to me! My stealth skills are unmatched! You will never succeed! Never!
__これは暴挙よ! この契約は私の元に来なければならないはず。私の隠密の技術に並ぶ者はいない! あんたは絶対に成功しない! 絶対よ!
FormID: 0000C0A4 Dark07Medicine contract 0 These mercenary groups tend to be fanatically loyal to whomever leader they follow. Roderick's people will likely fight to the death. Be cautious.
FormID: 0000C0A5 Dark07Medicine contract 0 Roderick is a mercenary leader, and his people are fanatically loyal. They will cut you to ribbons if they see you. And they will see you.
FormID: 0000C0A6 Dark07Medicine contract 0 Ooh, using poision is so deliciously evil! I once poisioned my aunt's stew, and she fell over dead with her face right in the bowl! Ha ha ha ha ha!
__ああ、毒を使うって凄くそそる悪事だわ! 私は昔叔母のシチューに毒を盛った事があるの、彼女は倒れてお椀の真ん中に顔を沈めて死んだわ! ウフフフフッ!
FormID: 0000C0A7 Dark07Medicine contract 0 I think it says something about Ocheeva's faith in your abilities when she gives you a contract to kill someone who isn't even conscious...

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