FormID: 00028BEF Dark08Whodunit GREETING 0 Well, here we both are. Retired Imperial Legion officer and hired assassin. So, who do you work for? The Dark Brotherhood? The Morag Tong? No matter.
__ふむ、ここに二人が揃ったわけだ。引退したImperial Legionの将校と殺し屋。それで誰に雇われた? Dark Brotherhoodか? Morag Tongか? まぁいい。
FormID: 00028BEF Dark08Whodunit GREETING 1 I've faced your kind before. You're a coward. You use stealth and lies to destroy innocent lives. All of that ends now! Prepare to meet your doom!
__お前のやり口は既に経験済だ。お前は臆病者。罪なき命を破滅に導くため、こそこそと動き回り嘘を使いこなす。今こそ全ての決着が着く! 滅びへの運命を受け入れろ!
__お前のやり口は分かっている。お前は臆病者だ。罪なき命を滅ぼすために、お前はこそこそ隠れて嘘を吹き込む。もうそれも終わりだ! おとなしく運命を受け入れるんだな!
FormID: 00028BF1 Dark08Whodunit GREETING 0 I was wondering when you'd get to me. I have to give you some credit. You had me fooled. You made me trust you, which is not an easy thing.
FormID: 00028BF1 Dark08Whodunit GREETING 1 Oh, and the chest of gold was a nice touch. I knew it was all too good to be true, but I guess my greed got the best of me.
FormID: 00028BF1 Dark08Whodunit GREETING 2 But I'm afraid your little game is over now. I've killed more assassins in my day than I can count. So let's get this over with!
FormID: 00085973 Dark08Whodunit GREETING 0 Well, that's it, my friend. We're the last. And that damned assassin is still hiding out in this house somewhere.
FormID: 00085973 Dark08Whodunit GREETING 1 I guess there's only one thing left for me to do. I'm going to find an axe and do my best to chop that damn door down and get us out of here!
FormID: 00085974 Dark08Whodunit GREETING 0 Don't you worry, my friend. I'll get us out of here!
FormID: 000837E7 Dark08Whodunit GREETING 0 So, the last guest finally arrives. I'll tell you what I told all the others. You go in, I lock the door. You don't come out 'til it's over.
FormID: 000837E7 Dark08Whodunit GREETING 1 Now I'll tell you what I didn't tell everyone else. We have the same Mother, you and I. And she wants you to have this. It's the key to the house.
FormID: 000837E7 Dark08Whodunit GREETING 2 I guess someone else has already told you the other details. Kill all the guests then leave, right? Well, you'd better get in there. Time to mingle.
__細かい話は既に他の者が伝えているようだな。全ての招待客を殺せ、それからここを去るんだ、いいな? よし、中へ入りな。パーティーの始まりだ。
FormID: 000837E8 Dark08Whodunit GREETING 0 Well, what are you waiting for. There's a party, and you're the guest of honor. All I get to do is lock the damn door. You get to have all the fun.
FormID: 000275C3 Dark08Whodunit contract 0 Each guest, at some point in the past, wronged their mysterious host. Now he's hired us to exact his revenge.
FormID: 000275C4 Dark08Whodunit contract 0 If you really plan on killing the guests one by one, make sure that when you strike, you strike hard. Don't want anyone running for help, do you?
FormID: 000275C5 Dark08Whodunit contract 0 What's the matter, five targets too much for you? If Vicente gave me that contract I'd be home before supper.
__何だって、5人じゃお前の手に余るんじゃねぇか? Vicenteが俺に契約を任せてくれりゃ、晩飯前には帰ってやるぜ。
FormID: 000275CB Dark08Whodunit contract 0 The key to successfully completing this contract is effectively blending in with the other guests. So for Sithis' sake, do not wear your hood...
FormID: 00027988 Dark08Whodunit contract 0 So, it's to be five against one, is it? The odds are against you. With any luck, you'll be dead within an hour.
FormID: 00027989 Dark08Whodunit contract 0 I take much joy in giving you this contract. With so many targets come so many opportunities to fail. The chance of you surviving is slim at best.
FormID: 0002798A Dark08Whodunit contract 0 Remember, you must make the other guests feel comfortable. Make them like you. Make them TRUST you. Then bathe in their blood! Hehehehe!
__いい、他の客達とは仲良くやらないとダメよ。あんたを好きにさせ。信頼させるの。彼等の血を浴びるのはそれからよ! ヒーッヒッヒッヒッ!
FormID: 0002798B Dark08Whodunit contract 0 Why do you get to go to a party? It's not fair. I hope they discover the truth and kill you in your sleep!
__なんであんたがパーティに行けるの? 不公平よ。奴等に本当の事がバレて、寝てる間に殺されればいいんだわ!
FormID: 0002798C Dark08Whodunit contract 0 Remember the pretenses under which the guests are there. They will be suspicious. You must be as effective an actor as you are a killer.
FormID: 0002798C Dark08Whodunit contract 1 It would be a good idea to talk to each guest and appeal to their good disposition. Remember, if they really like you, they may open up to you.
FormID: 0002798C Dark08Whodunit contract 2 You should dress appropriately. The Deceiver's Finery, your recent quest reward, would serve this purpose nicely. If you earned it, that is...
__その場にふさわしい格好をしていけよ。この前のクエストでの報酬、Deceiver's Finery であればこの仕事にはちょうどいいだろう。持っていればの話だが...
__ふさわしい格好でなくてはな。前のクエストの報酬、Deceiver's Fineryならばうまく目的を果たせるだろう。手に入れていれば、の話だが…
FormID: 0002798D Dark08Whodunit contract 0 You may be a killer, but are you an actor? I think not. The guests will discover your true identity and you will never leave that house alive.
__お前は殺し屋かもしれんが、役者なのか? 違うな。客達はお前の正体に気付くはずだ、生きてあの家から出ることはないだろうな。
__お前は殺し屋かもしれん、だが役者なのか? 違うね。招待客はお前の正体を嗅ぎつけ、そして生きてあの家から出ることはないだろうな。
FormID: 0002798E Dark08Whodunit contract 0 Take your time with this one. Observe the other guests. Learn their schedules and behaviors, and strike each one when they're alone.
FormID: 0002798E Dark08Whodunit contract 1 Use your silver tongue. Try to befriend the guests, and then you may be able to lure them to their own dooms! Hahahahahaha!
__雄弁に振舞いなさい。客達と仲良くするのよ、そうすれば奴等を破滅への運命に誘き寄せることができるかもね! ハハハハハハッ!
FormID: 00027998 Dark08Whodunit contract 0 You come to me for knowledge, for advice? I would sooner see you flounder in a pool of your own blood. Good luck, worm.
__私に知恵や助言を求めているの? むしろ、あんたが自分の血溜まりの中でもがいているのが見たいわ。頑張ってね、虫ケラさん。
FormID: 000275C8 Dark08Whodunit Dark08Choice1A 0 Yes, well... Anyway... Now that we're all here, I guess we can start looking. I'd wish you good luck, but I wouldn't really mean it.
FormID: 000275C7 Dark08Whodunit Dark08Choice1B 0 Oh, you poor dear! Well, this does make things difficult for me. I want to find the gold as much as anyone, but you need it so much more than I do!
__ああ、可哀相な子! でも私には複雑な状況ね。私も皆と同じでゴールドを見つけたい、だけど貴方は私以上に必要なのよね。
__ああ、可哀相な子! でも私には複雑な状況ね。私も皆と同じで金貨を見つけたい、だけど貴方は私以上に必要なのよね。
__ああ、かわいそうな人! でも私は複雑な気持ちよ。私も皆と同じで金貨を見つけたい、だけど貴方は私以上にお金が必要なのね!
FormID: 000275C6 Dark08Whodunit Dark08Choice1C 0 Hahaha! Oh, you're a funny one! Good, I'm glad one of us has a sense of humor about all of this. It will make our time here that much more enjoyable.
__ハハハ! ああ、貴方って愉快な人ね! いいわ、この件で私達の中にユーモアのセンスがある人がいて嬉しいわ。ここで楽しく過ごせそうね。
FormID: 00027997 Dark08Whodunit Dark08Choice2A 0 All right, dearie, I understand. If you change your mind, just let me know.
FormID: 00027996 Dark08Whodunit Dark08Choice2B 0 Oh, wonderful! This is going to be such fun! So, any ideas where we should begin searching first?
__もう、最高! とても楽しくなりそうね! それでまず最初にどこから探すか当てはあるの?
FormID: 00027995 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 He's young, well-educated and obviously full of himself. Not much different than any young nobleman, really.
FormID: 00028185 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 That young man has more nobility in his pinky finger than you have in your entire body, you uncultured swine.
FormID: 00028186 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 It's obvious that young Primo comes from wealth. A chest full of gold would be mere spending change for him.
FormID: 00028187 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 Someone turns up dead and you have nothing better to do than pester me about that fine young man? How truly pathetic you are.
__人が死体で見つかったのに、あの素敵な青年の事を私にうるさく言う以外に何もやることがないの? なんて哀れな人なのかしら。
FormID: 00028188 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 Primo is a young man of refinement. This murder must be quite a shock for him.
FormID: 00028189 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 I worry about the boy. What if the killer is after money? Primo is quite wealthy. He could be the next victim!
__あの子が心配だわ。もし殺人犯の目的がお金だったらどうするの? Primoはとても裕福よ。次の犠牲者になるかもしれないわ!
FormID: 0002818A Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 Two people lie dead, and all you can do is question me about that sweet boy? I'm beginning to think something is seriously wrong with you.
__二人が死んだのに、あんたが出来る事といったらあの可愛い坊やの質問をすることなの? 相当都合の悪い事があるように思えてきたわ。
FormID: 0002818B Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 The poor lad is handling all of this better than I expected. It's a testament to his noble bearing, I'm sure.
FormID: 0002818C Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 If I may confide in you, dear friend, I'm very worried about the poor boy. The trauma of murders... it could scar him for life! He deserves better.
__ねぇ貴方、ここだけの話だけど、私哀れな坊やの事がとても心配なの。殺人事件のトラウマ…それは死ぬまであの子を苦しませるかもしれない! 彼には元気になってもらわないと。
FormID: 0002818D Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 You... you're trying to turn me against that sweet boy. Make me think he's the murderer! Get away from me, you fiend!
__あ…あんたは私とあの可愛い坊やの仲を裂くつもりなのね。あの子を人殺しだと思わせようしている! あっちへ行ってちょうだい、この悪魔!
FormID: 0002818E Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 There are only three of us left. All those people... dead. And the killer had to be either Primo... or you!
FormID: 0002818F Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 Oh, my heavens! Primo must be the killer! I... I never thought it could be him. Please... please! You've got to protect me from him!
__ああ、何てことなの! Primoが殺人犯よ! わ…私、まさか彼だとは思わなかったわ。お願い…お願いだわ! 私をあいつから守ってよ!
FormID: 00028190 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 Leave me alone, you ghoul! Can't you see I'm mourning for that poor, sweet boy?
__ほっといてちょうだい、残忍な人ね! あの哀れな、可愛い坊やの喪に服してるのが分からないの?
FormID: 00028191 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 He was so young... so innocent. That boy was destined for greatness. Who could have done such a thing?
FormID: 00028192 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 I just can't believe he's dead. He was like a young, beautiful prince. I hope whoever did this can live with themselves.
FormID: 0002824B Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 I'm sorry, but my feelings for Primo are really none of your concern.
FormID: 0002824C Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 He's very handsome. But please don't tell him I said so! Hehe!
__彼ったらとてもハンサムなの。でも私がそう言った事は黙っててね! フフッ!
FormID: 0002824D Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 It's pretty obvious that Primo comes from a wealthy family. He would never be interested in a girl like me, I'm afraid.
FormID: 00085A64 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 I do hope Primo and I can be, you know...friends. He's so handsome. And he lives a life I can only dream of. I can make him so happy in so many ways.
FormID: 0002824E Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 You can't possibly think that Primo had anything to do with the murder, do you? That's madness!
__Primoが殺人と関係があるだなんてどうして思えちゃうの? イカれてるわ!
FormID: 0002824F Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 Primo seems kind of nice. I just can't imagine him killing anyone.
FormID: 00028250 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 I... I rather like Primo. He's not like the other boys I've known. He has... class. He could never have killed anyone.
FormID: 00028251 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 Don't try to turn me against Primo! For all I know, you could be the killer!
__私とPrimoの仲を裂こうとするのは止めてよ! もしかして、あんたが殺人犯じゃないの!
FormID: 00028252 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 Two people lie dead. Primo could have done it, I know. He's young, and strong. Still, I don't want to believe that.
FormID: 00028253 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 I know Primo could be the killer, but I just don't want to believe it's possible. If... if he likes me, he could take me away with him...
FormID: 00028254 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 He can't be the killer! He can't! I won't believe it! Get away from me!
__彼が殺人犯のはずがない! 彼じゃないわ! 私は信じないわよ! 向こうへ行ってちょうだい!
FormID: 00028255 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 Please... No... Primo can't be the killer. But it's either him... or you...
FormID: 00028256 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 Oh, Azura, no! It's Primo! He's the only one left! He killed them... killed them all! We have to protect ourselves! We have to kill him first!
__ああっAzura様、なんてことなの! Primoよ! 残ったのは彼しかいない! 彼が殺したんだわ…みんなを殺したのよ! 自分の身を守らないとダメよ! 何より彼を殺さないといけないわ!
FormID: 00028257 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 Get away from me! You're the last person I want to talk to about Primo!
__あっちへ行ってよ! あんたとは一番Primoの話をしたくないわ!
FormID: 00028258 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 I... I wanted to get to know him. Be his friend. Maybe... maybe more. I can't believe he's gone.
FormID: 0002826C Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 Primo was my chance, do you understand me? He was wealthy! He could take me away someplace! Whoever did this will pay!
__Primoはチャンスだったわ、私の言ってる事が分かる? お金持ちだったのよ! 彼なら私を見たこともない所へ連れて行ってくれたわ! 誰であっても償いはしてもらうわよ!
FormID: 000289F4 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 It's a regal name, from a rather regal family. Indeed, my father owns more property than the East Empire Company!
__帝王の家系たる、王者の名前だよ。実際僕の父はEast Empire Companyより多くの資産を持っているんだ!
FormID: 000289F5 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 He's somewhere around here. Why don't you stop wasting my time and go ask him yourself.
FormID: 000289F6 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 Seems like a nice enough kid. A little too rich for his own good, maybe, but I've met worse.
FormID: 000289F7 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 Primo is young and rich. I can sense a good, decent person in there somewhere. He just has to get his priorities straight.
FormID: 000289F8 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 It's really none of your business what I think about him, now is it?
FormID: 000289F9 Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 I can't imagine someone like Primo has seen much death and suffering. This murder must be quite a shock to him.
FormID: 000289FA Dark08Whodunit PrimoAntoniusTopic 0 Whoever the killer is would have to be strong, and quick. Now, I'm not saying Primo is our murderer, but you have to admit it's at least possible.

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