FormID: 0009838A TG09Arrow StealNoCrime 0 The Gray Fox dares to steal from Fathis Aren?
__Gray Fox は敢えて Fathis Aren から盗みを働く?
__Gray Foxは、不敵にもFathis Arenから盗みを働くのか?
FormID: 00098389 TG09Arrow PickpocketNoCrime 0 Fathis Aren's pockets are not for you, thief!
__Fathis Aren のポケットはお前のものじゃない、盗人め!
FormID: 00098387 TG09Arrow Assault 0 You dare to attack Fathis Aren?
__Fathis Arenに敢えて攻撃するというのか?
__Fathis Arenに手を出そうと言うのかね?
FormID: 00098386 TG09Arrow Flee 0 Take what you will! Just spare me!
FormID: 00098384 TG09Arrow Attack 0 No-one steals from Fathis Aren!
__誰も Fathis Aren から盗むな!
__誰もFathis Arenから盗めない!
FormID: 00014831 TG09Arrow GOODBYE 0 May Shadow hide you.
FormID: 00014832 TG09Arrow GOODBYE 0 Shadow hide you.
FormID: 0001482F TG09Arrow HELLO 0 Old friend!
FormID: 00014830 TG09Arrow HELLO 0 Welcome. Let's talk.
FormID: 000982BF TG09Arrow HELLO 0 Don't keep the Gray Fox waiting.
__Gray Fox を待たせるんじゃない。
__Gray Foxを待たせるんじゃない。
FormID: 00014822 TG09Arrow GREETING 0 It is good to see you again! I have a message for you from the Gray Fox.
__また会えてうれしいぜ!あんたにGray Foxからの伝言があるんだ。
FormID: 00014823 TG09Arrow GREETING 0 I am honored to be entrusted by the Gray Fox himself to run these errands.
__Gray Fox自身から使いを任されたことを誇りに思うよ。
FormID: 00014833 TG09Arrow GREETING 0 I have need of your services once more.
FormID: 00014834 TG09Arrow GREETING 0 I have been waiting.
FormID: 000982DE TG09Arrow GREETING 0 The Gray Fox is waiting for you.
__Gray Foxはあんたを待っているよ。
__Gray Foxがお待ちかねだ。
FormID: 000982E3 TG09Arrow GREETING 0 Aren't you supposed to be on a quest for the Gray Fox?
__あんたはGray Foxの探索任務に就いてるんじゃないのかい?
FormID: 00014829 TG09Arrow TG09NoArrow 0 Well go get it!
FormID: 0001CF36 TG09Arrow TG09GiveArrowHead 0 Hmmm. I had hoped for the whole arrow, but that is not your fault. I will have to have it repaired.
FormID: 0001CF36 TG09Arrow TG09GiveArrowHead 1 This arrowhead advances my plan... nevermind.
FormID: 0001CF36 TG09Arrow TG09GiveArrowHead 2 Where was I? Oh, yes. You have embarrassed the Thieves Guild and me with your crude murders to recover the arrowhead.
FormID: 0001CF36 TG09Arrow TG09GiveArrowHead 3 Until you pay the blood price, your membership in the guild is forfeit. You can pay me now, or Armand later if you wish to rejoin.
FormID: 0001482A TG09Arrow TG09GiveArrowHead 0 Hmmm. I had hoped for the whole arrow, but that is not your fault. I will have to have it repaired.
FormID: 0001482A TG09Arrow TG09GiveArrowHead 1 This arrowhead advances my plan to... nevermind. I may have need of you again in the near future, if my plans hold.
FormID: 0001482A TG09Arrow TG09GiveArrowHead 2 Here is your reward. I am also promoting you to Master Thief in the Thieves Guild. Fathis Ules of the Imperial City will be your new fence.
FormID: 00014824 TG09Arrow TG09AmuseiDeliverMsg 0 The Gray Fox has a task for you. Meet him at Malintus Ancus' house in Chorrol.
__Gray Foxからあんたに仕事だよ。ChorrolにあるMalintus Ancusの家で彼と会ってくれ。
FormID: 00014828 TG09Arrow TG09ArrowTopic 0 Do you have the Arrow of Extrication?
FormID: 00014827 TG09Arrow TG09reject 0 Then make your preparations. I will expect you to return soon.
FormID: 00014826 TG09Arrow TG09accept 0 Capital! Bring me the Arrow of Extrication. It has a key shaped head. Bravil's court wizard, Fathis Aren, recently acquired this unique item.
__素晴らしい!Arrow_of_Extricationを持ってくるのだ。それは矢尻の形状をした鍵を持つ。Bravil宮廷魔導師、Fathis Arenがこの大変珍しいモノを最近手に入れたのだ。
__素晴らしい!私はArrow_of_Extricationを求めている。矢じりの形をした鍵がついた矢だ。Bravilの宮廷ウィザードであるFathis Arenが、このまたとないアイテムを最近入手したのだ。
__あっぱれだ!Arrow of Extricationをくすねて欲しい。矢じりの形をした鍵がついた矢だ。Bravilの宮廷ウィザードであるFathis Arenが、このまたとないアイテムを最近入手したのだ。
FormID: 00014826 TG09Arrow TG09accept 1 You may kill Fathis if necessary, but not in the castle. My spy network will tell me when you have it. Return here with the arrow when you do.
FormID: 00014826 TG09Arrow TG09accept 2 Now we should get out of Malintus' house before we wear out our welcome.
FormID: 0001CF1F TG09Arrow TGPayBloodPrice 0 Capital! I knew you could not stand for a stain on your honor, or that of the guild.
FormID: 0001CF3A TG09Arrow TGPayBloodPrice 0 It's about time. I guess I have to reinstate you now. Try not to repeat this mistake in the future.
FormID: 0001CF3A TG09Arrow TGPayBloodPrice 1 I am now allowed to grant you a promotion to Master Thief. Congratulations, I suppose. Be ready if the Gray Fox should need you again.
__お前をMaster Thiefへ昇進させることを認めよう。めでたい、と思うよ。Gray_Fox_がお前をまた必要とするかもしれん、用意を怠るなよ。
FormID: 0001CF1D TG09Arrow TGNoBloodPrice 0 Then this conversation is over.
FormID: 0001CF3E TG09Arrow TGNoBloodPrice 0 Then get out of here until you can.
FormID: 0001CF40 TG09Arrow TGBloodPrice 0 Are you here to pay the blood price?
FormID: 00015F20 TG09Arrow TG09NoBribeBeggar 0 That's too bad.
FormID: 00015F1F TG09Arrow TG09BribeBeggar 0 Fair enough. Fathis is also the wizard in the tower southeast of town. He keeps his most treasured items there, not in the castle.
FormID: 00015F1F TG09Arrow TG09BribeBeggar 1 Only Fathis can open the door to the tower, but there is supposed to be a secret passage somewhere in the castle that leads him to his tower.
FormID: 00048972 TG09Arrow TG09FathisAren 0 What are friends for? Fathis is also the wizard in the tower outside of town. He keeps his most treasured items there, not in the castle.
FormID: 00048972 TG09Arrow TG09FathisAren 1 Only Fathis can open the door to the tower, but there is supposed to be a secret passage somewhere in the castle that takes him to his tower.
FormID: 00015F0D TG09Arrow TG09FathisAren 0 Everyone knows he's the court wizard. But I reckon you want to know more. Is it worth a few coins?
FormID: 00015F1E TG09Arrow TG09FathisAren 0 He's the court wizard. He has a room in the north wing.
FormID: 00015F1E TG09Arrow TG09FathisAren 1 Gloomy fellow. I've heard he consorts with daedra. I'd steer clear of him if I were you.
FormID: 00018335 TG09Arrow TG09JoinedGuild 0 Yes, I did. After you saved me in Castle Skingrad, I vowed to join. I was having no luck on my own.
FormID: 00018335 TG09Arrow TG09JoinedGuild 1 Now I am running errands for the Gray Fox himself. I owe you much for your help.
__今じゃ、なんとGray Foxの使い番だ。本当に感謝してるぜ。
FormID: 00014709 TG09Arrow TGSpecialJobs 0 I only provide work for less skillful thieves. If you take their jobs, what will they do for a living?
FormID: 00014709 TG09Arrow TGSpecialJobs 1 The Gray Fox himself may call on you soon, though. Wait for contact from him. Keep the guild fences busy. You can find your own work.
__Gray Fox自身が近いうちあんたを呼ぶんだろうし、彼からの接触を待つことだね。買受人に仕事をさせながらね。あんたは自分で仕事を見つけられるんだから。
FormID: 0003FD3D TG09Arrow TG09BlowOff 0 Whelp of a Shadowfoot! You had better learn respect if you want to advance in the Thieves Guild.
FormID: 00014825 TG09Arrow TG09HelpGF 0 My work with Savilla's Stone has revealed that I need something special for my plans.
__Savilla's Stoneを使って調べた結果、私の計画のためには特殊な何かを必要とすることが判明した。
__Savilla's Stoneを使ったところ、私の計画のためには、さる貴重品が必要になることが明らかになった。
FormID: 00014825 TG09Arrow TG09HelpGF 1 It's a small item in the possession of a powerful court wizard. Will you do this for me? I will pay you well.

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